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I will never understand why the ABC keeps slotting in this Star Stories crap between series of the good shows on Wednesdays. Seriously, it's mindblowingly terrible. And it makes me sad to know that the kid from Muppet Treasure Island has become so... skeevy. Know what, bugger this. I'm gonna run up to the street and get some chewy (it's an addiction, you guys, seriously) before Tara starts. brb. *leaves*

*turns on TV*
Perfect timing!
*blows bubble*

So hi. Got the Abnormal Psych essay in today, ON TIME. It wasn't actually finished, but I've been having so much despair with this thing hanging over my head I was not going to spend another day with the damn thing, so printed it at 4:52 and ran - actually ran, which I'm technically not supposed to do because I could, like, lose the feeling in my legs or something - it to the psych building. When I got there they'd pulled the roller door down already, and I almost freaking SOBBED. Went around the corner to the staff entrance and caught them leaving, because damn it, my phone said it was 4:57 and I fecking ran for this freaking essay. They were very nice, and accepted it. Thank god.

This was going to be a big entry about a lot of random little things, but turned into bitching about Sydney Uni Psych, loving Sydney Uni Art History & Film, comparing the three, and talking about my academic and career plans )

The plan, such as it stands at the moment, is to spread the remaining four units of study I have left on my degree over two semesters next year, while hopefully getting a job vaguely related to film in some way (or getting an unrelated job and volunteering at film festivals), and doing short courses at AFTRS (the Australian Fillm, TV, and Radio School) to build a portfolio and study cinematography/ directing/ art direction there properly the year after I do honours here. Which means three more years in Sydney, which is bad, but there isn't a lot of choice when it comes to learning film making - it's pretty much a capital cities thing, I think. Although I may take a year off after honours, stay in the Central West working some little retail job, or working at one of the ABC's regional offices. A foot in the door is a foot in the door in the Australian film industry, no matter how small the door, or which side of the house it's on.

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Today was such a beautiful day. Even walking home just now, at night, it was warm and the air was fragrant. The trees outside my  flat and the jasmine down the road are all in flower, and with the brightness of the sun and seeing everyone in dresses and shorts, it feels so much like summer today. (But still cool and pleasant enough to be like the romanticised vision of summer, not the 40 degree days that most of my country NSW summers are characterised by.)

I just got home from a night out with Josee. The Dawn Collective - who Josee has recently fallen for, and whom I only remembered once we arrived that I'd seen play live about four years ago and I have one of their EPs - were playing at the Hopetown Hotel in Surry Hills. The music was good, and the atmosphere was good, and I love hanging out with Josee. We click. We're sort of set to the same speeds, and have a lot in common. It's a weird little pub, the Hopetown, but I like it. It's a good layout, and not too crowded. It was relaxed, and people were there for the music, not just the grog. Best of all, the pinball and game machines haven't been updated since the 90s. They had Time Crisis 1 and Street Fighter 2, as well both Indiana Jones and The Addams Familly pinball. Naaw.

I've actually not really been out to a pub or anything similar since living in Sydney. I go to resturants and shows with friends and especially when Mum's down, but not really to more active things like pubs or gigs with people my own age. Once or twice I've been at a pub with people for whatever reason, but never gone out to one properly, let alone really enjoyed it. Even at home, where I've been to the pub and clubs a lot more (though still not a lot), I haven't really been all that fussed with the whole thing. Which has never really bothered me - I just don't think I'm much of a 'night-out' kind of a person in most circumstances. But I liked this one. It ended early, was at a good place, I had company I didn't have to try to get on with, and it was all so easy. I even looked forward to it. I even wore a bit of eye make-up. It's fun, sometimes, to dress up and go somewhere new with someone you enjoy being with. I know I'm a little behind in experiencing these things, but I'm not bothered by that. I tend to get to things at my own pace, to wander in to things that suit after a few false starts, and I have Josee now to help me along.

I was going to do a big post, have a lot to say about a lot of things, but have run out of steam. Time for a bit of TV and then bed, I think.
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Me, coming in from the bathroom:    "Aww, the house smells like mangoes! "   (after we had had mangoes earlier)

Mum:   "That's funny, because Lucy was just saying it smells like witchetty grubs."

Also, may it be entered onto the record that GODDAMN IT, CAT, I JUST LET YOU IN!!!

The other night we had a scheduled blackout at 10:30, Mum & I planned a night of games by candle light. At about 10:15 we were getting ready, with me occasionally chiming in with, "quick, woman! Only seven more minutes of light!". When we were ready, Mum raised her arms triumpantly, "We, are, PREPARED!" she declared.Right then, the lights went out.
She then proceded to beat me 2/3 in Cluedo. But I totally topped her in terms of dramatics. (Mum: "I accuse you, Mrs Peacock, of taking the lead pipe from wherever it was kept, and useing it to DROWN all the plants in the conservatory!"   Me: "I snapped!! It was those damn gazanias, they - just- wouldn't- flower!!" followed by wretched sobbing.)

Am going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Have no idea what to get anyone. Damn them all, they just do it to spite me. 
Am going to buy self a flashy christmas badge. I loves Christmas.

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So anyway, I've had this account for like a couple of weeks now and not bothered to write anything yet, and as I've been mucking about on the computer doing other things for a while now I figure I may as well do this too.

By and large, the reason I've not posted so far is because I am at home. That's, home. Not in Sydney at uni, but home, on the farm. It is lovely. I'm really not cut out for the city or for any sort of work that involves essays or concentration. I'm far too laid back for that crap and it makes me all frazzled. 
But I love home - open spaces, smells, the pets, and my family, which surprised me - I miss them all when I'm away.  Last semester - my first at Sydney Uni - the tinyness of my room and the pressure of work and the strangeness of Sydney made me crazy. Not in a yelling thrashing kind of a way, but like all of the stuff in my head had to try to occupy a space as small as my body did, whereas usually, there is plenty of room for thought to spread out. I need to be completely calm, or else I just can't handle anything. 
And the city just feels wrong somehow. I mean, there are parts of it that I like, yeah, but really, why on earth would anyone want to live somewhere like that for any significant length of time? Where it is impossible to know all the streets and there are buildings shutting off the sky and millions of people who you don't and will never know or understand. I suppose I am just used to where I live. There are bad things about the country too, of course. But then, it's not 'the country' that I really consider home, it's my farm. There is nowhere in the world that makes more sense to me. "You can take the girl out of the country" and all that.  I'm not meaning to be sappy, I don't do sap. I just had a lot of time to think about it while I was suffering the cabin fever.

My cat seems to have seen something interesting on the ceiling... And now he's meowing at me. Oh, I see, some clever ploy to get me to notice him and let him out. Fine! 
Bossy little git. Darn him and his cuteness.

So, there's my first entry then. That's what I figured Lj would be for. Being able to enjoy my fandoms more, have an extra something to do when I'm back in Sydney (don't need or like to be on the computer much when I'm home. Although, I may jump on tomorrow or some time to write a little something about the concert Mum & I went to the other day - for prosperity's sake. Because man that was awesome!) and give myself a place to vent if the need arises and it's not too personal. Still haven't joined any communities yet or anything, but whatever, I'll get to it.

And now
, it's tea time! Yay for food!!! Everybody Mambo!!! 

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