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Just rewatched Time Crash, the children in need special, after linking [livejournal.com profile] ineptshieldmaid and [livejournal.com profile] phrasemuffin to it, and that whole exchange about the Master -

TEN: Oh! He just showed up again, same as ever.
FIVE: Oh no, really? Does he still have that rubbish beard?
TEN: No, no beard this time. Well, a wife

- asjfgj;fdg;jhakshfhooooomygod, how much better that line is now I know what "having a beard" means. THE HO-YAY, GOOD LORD THE HO-YAY!

eeeeheehee, double entendre!


Jan. 25th, 2009 10:33 pm
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You know what I'd like to see happen on Who? It's a bit immature and possibly has already happened or isn't possible for some reason I'm not thinking of, but I'd like it.

TARDIS lands in London in 1930. Big alieny or timey disaster happens, and Doctor and crew go running through the streets to find the TARDIS and save the day, or the day is already saved and Doctor strides alone to his ship, ready to continue his weary journey, or any other scenario.

We see the characters running/trudging forward, then a cut to the approaching shape of the TARDIS in the middle of the frame, getting slowly larger as they get nearer. Characters finally reach it and open door to find it is an actual police box.


1) Police officer sitting inside with a cuppa: Oi!

Doctor: ... Well. This's never happened before.

Companion: Wha...? These things actually existed?!

2) Doctor: *looks around box*

*goes outside, looks around the street*

*steps back in the box*

Where did I park, then?

3) *camera on companion as she thrusts the door open, looks inside, then, confused, walks around the outside of the box*

Little old man with phone against his ear: Sorry, love, you'll have to wait a bit, me hat's been nicked.

4) *door opens to reveal an empty and juuust big enough booth*

Jack (standing just behind the Doctor): *blinks*
*speaks into the Doctor's ear* I like how you're thinking, but wouldn't the real one be a bit more comfortable?

Doctor: Oh for pity's sake -- now is not the time!

*big scary alieny thing heard in the distance*

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I realise that, given how large a proportion of my flist are into Potter slash, a lot of you have probably already seen this, but I was just going through the videos on my iPod, and, really, this is something EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER should see BECAUSE OMG THE WRONG. THE BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT WRONG.


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Since about 2003, I've been cleaning my room.

So what? I hear you say, I've been cleaning my room every Saturday morning since I was five.

To which I reply with, No. What I mean is, I have been cleaning my room since 2003. As in, I'm perpetually tidying the same mess. It has been an ongoing thing. For years. I tend to store things in piles, and tidy up a section at a time. The problem with this system is that I have nowhere to put new things or things I want to keep but in one of the other piles, so by the time one pile is gone there're about three new ones that need doing.

Not that I really mind too much, as it means I'm constantly rediscovering things and I always have something to do.

The latest pile was my collection of university and careers stuff that I had accumulated throughout the latter years of highschool. I finally found my UAC documentation and my UNE and Sydney Uni acceptance letters, which was nice, as well as stumbling across a whole bunch of year 11/12 english work. The exact reason I had put that there escapes me.
However, one particular year 11 writing task caught my eye. I don't recall the exact criteria, but, basically, we had to rewrite Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, ("Shall I compare thee to a sommer's day?" etc), keeping the form and structure (14 lines, three quatrains, ends on rhyming couplet, each line containing one simple thought and each quatrain presenting a new idea), and, possibly, the theme.

So, here it is: 

   Stella's Sonnet 1  (Inspired by W. Shakespeare's Sonnet 18)

   Shall I compare thee to a bowl of Special K?
   Thou art more tasty and more ornate:
   Hot toast is a better start to the day,
   And cereal gets soggy and tends to deflate:
   Sweetening sugar must be added at times,
   And oft' weevils get in under rim;
   Every used-by-date sometime declines,
   And mould, staleness and other yuckies set in;
   But thy eternal hygiene shall not fade
   Nor lose possession of that crunchiness thou o'ust;
   Nor should best-befores make thee grayed,
   Provided this book never in milk be doused:
         So long as tongues can taste and eyes can see,
         Long will live thine bugless efficiency.

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So I've been loving Hey Arnold! again recently (see here and here for reasons behind recent flail), and it has reminded me of something.

No matter how old I get, no matter what happens in my life,

there will always be a part of me that is forever CHEERING HER ON!!

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So I'm watching Head On (the Australian film based on the incredible novel Loaded - not the European or Turkish or whatever it was fiilm of the same name) for the first time in quite a while, and once again I am struck by how incredibly beautiful Alex Dimitriades was.

Seriously. Alex Dimitriades circa 1998 is easliy the most attractive boy this country has ever produced. Or, as my mother once said, he's "dishy".

His character has a line near the beginning, "Most anglo woman can't stand us [Greek men*]. They look at us and all they see is a hairy back." To which all I can think is, 'Bullshit. I'd have him.' Because I so so so so would.

(*I know this line is there because the film addresses racism and the migrant experience, but hello. I mean come on, Greece has a long history of producing beautiful young men. See video for an example.)

I believe the word is "guh".

(Incidently, he does not have a hairy back. Or front. For more details see the full naked shot on the DVD that I am very very sure was not in the version I taped from the TV a few years ago.)

One day I'll get around to writing that big analysis I've had going in my head about this film, or (more likely) the completely astounding book it was adapted from, but for the moment, here are my professional thoughts on Alex Dimitriades.

If someone could have him shipped to me so that I can just look at him all day that would be really nice.
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A critical response to the American adaptation of Kath & Kim. (The text is very much formal critical analysis - which I love doing - but there are also links! To brilliant comedy clips! Something for everybody.)

Well, the American Kath & Kim is finally here, and it's... well, it's different. )

Bonus clip - I didn't have room for it above, but it's and old favourite. Marg Downey (as Janna Wendt), Magda Szubanski, and Peter Moon on Fast Forward. Watch it. You'll like it. It's terrifying.

An anecdote. Stella versus Australian Idol.
Bricks, I say. )


Sep. 19th, 2008 02:33 pm
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In my Contemporary Hollywood unit this semester (which is amazing, by the way) we've been looking at American independent films from the nineties that mess with structure, time & space; project the interior onto the exterior; and examine the mind, memory, sense of self, reality, and so on. Meaning a lot of the films have been constructed to be ambiguous and difficult to grasp without actively engaging in analysis, so there has been a lot of wtf immediantly after seeing some of them.

For example, Being John Malcovitch was very much "...what just happened?"

Barton Fink (which is just incredible - really excellent and extremely gratifying to analyse. And who knew John Goodman was capable of a performance like that) was "...my god in heaven. With, and, I'm not entirely sure what happened here, but, I, and.... My god in heaven."

Today we watched Mulholland Drive. And, well,






Or, as the guy sitting behind me said, "Fuck that movie! You see? It makes no fucking sense!"

It really does make no sense. I get the way it used the dream, and how the dream was constructed out of her real world. And get the guilt and inner torment, but why the old couple?! (I do have a bit of a theory, but still. The old couple.) Or the stageshow? Or the blue box? Or the assassin's antics? Or, well, most of the entire movie? My tutor was right, it's a very Alice in Wonderland type of film: it captures the random madness and obscure symbolism that is dreams and makes no logical sense. For that I kind of like it.

And on the one hand, oh yay female homosexuality in a film that isn't tailor made for either men or lesbians! On the other, it's the good old fashioned "be a lesbian and you will have a life of misery and death and insanity yay" trope that we've all missed so much.

I think the only thing I'm really completely positive about with this movie though, is the fact that Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman could be pretty much the same person.

After the tutorial things are generally a lot clearer, so we'll see how that goes. Looking in the course reader I see we're doing Gus Van Sant's (one of my favourite directors) Elephant next week. Talk about contrast. In almost every conceivable way.

Even if the tutorial doesn't clear things up, it'll still give me an excuse to talk about the Alice books, which is an oppurtunity I have not passed up yet throughout the entire course of my degree.
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It's a very silly thing to do, but hey, I had time & it's a bit of fun, and in the end it was LIKE IT READ MY SOUL.

Squee! )

Entirely unrelated, buy omifeckinggod Randy Newman is white? When did that happen? I was so sure I'd seen him before, and he wasn't white then. Was he?  O_o   Wtf, self? 

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So my Mum, sister, and I went to Dubbo the other day   (Finally! I haven't been on a Dubbo trip in over a year and a half. We always have such a great time on our girl's trips to Dubbo. I was having such cravings. We went out to tea at Hogsbreath, stayed over night at the Fountain View (the first motel I can remember ever), and I got new dresses, and jeans (skinny legs that fit and don't look ridiculous. I know, I didn't think they existed either), and music, and the old beautiful Beatrix Potter cartoons on DVD, and we had Myer vouchers so Mum brought new towels (oh God, those towels) and I got some luxurious nice smelling body butter and bath wash things that I normally would never buy because I am responsible but always want because they're so lovely. And we had fun together and didn't fight over the front seat. It was a good trip.), and saw Mama Mia! at the movies.

Points On Mama Mia!:

1 -
Meryl Streep is amazing. This is not new news, but I felt it was worth saying. She has such dignity, any character played by her has such weight to them. It's quite remarkable.

2 - I think the cast did a better job on the songs than Agnetha and Frida did. 

Oh yeah, I went there. 
Bring it.

3 - Colin Firth.

I want to marry him.


Jan. 15th, 2008 12:10 pm
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Ohmygod. You'd think I'd know by now.

We have family visiting, and one of my cousins and I had to start talking about Dr Who. Because, well, that's what we do. And I made the mistake of bringing up Blink. You know, the frecking freaky one with the angels? The one that I screamed in? The one that resulted in me having to turn on my bedside light and look around in every direction every few minutes while trying to sleep because I kept thinking about it? That one.

Then our younger non-Who-fan cousin asked what was so scary about it, so I did the peaceful-hands-over-face pose then suddenly reverted to the fangs-out, claws-out, an-inch-from-her-face pose to demonstrate (which worked, she looked suitably terrified). 

After that I didn't give it a thought. Until last night. In the shower. At 2am. When there was no one around and nowhere for me to go. And the bathroom window was opposite me, all big and black and open, through which anything could see me without being seen themselves. And I kept getting the distinct impression that something was watching me from behind, even though that is totally impossible because there were only a few inches between me and the shower wall. So I had to look, and whenever my eyes were off the window, I half expected that when I faced it again there would be an angel frozen swooping down on me, mouth open, face distorted, claws grasping. And there'd be nowhere for me to go, because I was naked and dripping wet, and I'd never get out of the shower cube and the bathroom with out having to blink, I'd barely be able to move at all out of shear kzjsdgh TERROR.

But of course there was nothing. Because I ALWAYS FREAK MYSELF OUT BECAUSE I AM A WUSS AND SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO WATCH SCARY THINGS. You'd think I'd be over it by now, but I was fracking scared, man. 

Curse you Who.

Still, best episode ever, if I do say so myself.
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So I've been reading Harry/Draco 'fic alot lately. It is a great pairing, with some top stories, but...

Where is this notion that Seamus Finnigan is flamboyantly gay and very promiscuous coming from?

Granted, it's been a while since I read the books, and I didn't pay much attention to him anyway, but I'm sure I'd remember if he was written as eyeing Harry up lecherously. Where is it coming from?

It is a ridiculous notion that stems from blatant stupidity and a severe lack of knowledge about human behaviour. A fandom does not require an obligatory slutty character, and a story concerning homosexual themes does not require an absurd homosexual stereotype. I don't even care for Seamus in particular one way or the other, but I still can't stand him, or anyone else, being so warped so pointlessly.

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