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So you know what's apparently a really amazingly effective way to put me in a really really really good mood and bursting with energy and love for life and stuff?

Listening to All I Need by Louden Swain really really loud, like, seven times in a row.

It's such a fucking awesome song. Look:

I just, I seriously, I fucking love this song. I love this song, I love this band, I fucking love Rob Benedict.

And not, like, for the whole, Real Ghostbusters, Chuck is suddenly a total badarse hitting ghosts with a mike stand thing that had the entire SPN audience and Becky like "Well helloooo", but like, seriously legitimately. I love this guy's voice. I love how he looks and the little grins and stuff too (rather a lot, to be honest), and love Chuck, but I really really dig Rob Benedict's voice. It's got all the little inflections and catches and textures that I really appreciate in a singer. I have total voice crush on this guy.

I miss my voice crushes, man. Life is better with voice crushes.

Anyway. The reason I needed to be put in a really really good mood: my Digital Video class. My group. Their ideas on what we should make our movie on.

Pretentious, wanky fucking student art film.

I don't like student art films, and I hate pretentious films. Fucking Michael Hanke can fucking suck it, the tosser.

So, tonight, out of pure spite and because I have to take the disc back tomorrow, I'm watching the new Fast and Furious movie, on blu-ray, on my brand new giant flat screen digital TV.

Hollywood trash with fast cars and guns and Vin muthafucking Diesel, bitches. Take that, "we want ambiguity and no dialogue or humour or character of any description" Digital Video group!

(FastandFuriousFastandFuriousFastandFuriousonblurayonareallybigscreenYAYyayyayI'msoexcitedFfffffffffffffffffI I love these movies they are terrible)

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I need to start using "Yippee-ki-yay, muthafucka" in conversation.

And, you know the whole "Alan Rickman is hot" thing? I mean, I love the joke and have always supported the sentiment, because he kicks arse and has a fantastic voice and is a bloody legend and all, but I personally have never found Alan Rickman all that physically attractive, really.

However. Twenty years ago and German? Dude, Alan Rickman was friggin hot.

As was Bruce Willis (minus the German), but I already knew that.

Also? Best. Movie. Ever. The construction of awesome, man; spectacle cinema at its best.

Really puts me in the mood to watch Hot Fuzz.

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