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Today I emailed the film studies honours coordinator (and my favourite lecturer) about returning to uni next year.

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Reeeeeeeeeally what to see what these apparently fake but amazing SPN spoilers are but am worried that they'll turn out to be true or still somehow spoil the episode for me regardless. ARAGH WHAT TO DOOOO

In other news I've been catching bits of misfits the last few fridays and it seems really good. Need to see if the dvd shop has it.

Watched Tennant's last DW episode on tv again today and OH GOD so many feelings. An assembly line of every DW character I ever loved marched out to break my heart a million times in the span of 15 minutes.


But! I've decided I'm going to make the best of it, consciously make the effort to be more confident and calm, and make the little changes needed to make the artroom run better with me as the principle user, regardless of how my half-mad boss has done things for the past 35 years. Still shitting myself but gonna try, and at least I get a bit more money each week. :/

OH OH AND: MY PASSPORT CAME TODAYYYYYYYY! EUROPE IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING YESSSSSSS. And it's a shiney new passport design with pictures all through it so if I get homesick I can just look at it and go OH GUMTREES AND EMUS IT'S LIKE I NEVER LEFT.

Wrote a thing for the local paper today. the old movie theatre facade is being restored in town, so I wrote a thing about some of my favourite really old movies. Gosh it felt great to be writing about film again; I really need to get this blog thing happening.


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I don't even know;

I could not be stuffed;


Nah I got the shits.

And you, dear flist?

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The internet is really good this evening and I really want to watch Tropic Thunder and play Warcraft 3 and fandom is going off because it's the 100th epsiode tomorrow and I want to join in and I'm way behind in my flist because of my b'day party and Easter week at home and all this study (which I am totally over, btw) and I could totally just chill and spend the night writing comments right now BUT I HAVE TO WRITE AN ESSAY.


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2. We watched Jaws in class yesterday. My god is that a fantastic movie. I had no idea.

It was odd though, I was sitting there, really tense and all in to it and stuff, but at the same time I just had Samuel L Jackson in the back of my head screaming about having HAD IT WITH THIS MUTHAFUCKING SHARK ON THIS MUTHAFUCKING BOAT.

I also couldn't believe they didn't bring any dynamite. If there's one thing The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou taught me about shark hunting, it's that it's best done with dynamite.

The lecture and tutorial that followed were all about the massive effect Jaws had on Hollywood and the development of the blockbuster - a term that was actually coined because of Jaws, as the lines to see it wound around the block. There are some theorists that blame Spielberg and George Lucas for ruining film forever by turning it into a product of mass culture. In the sixties and early seventies, independent and art films were big, and were produced by auteur directors allowed to take risks and have full creative control. Then Jaws and Star Wars came along, and were so massive and so built on archetype, and had merchandise tie-ins and sequels, and since then the studio is more important than the director, and Hollywood's been all about the simplistic and lowest common denominator entertainment and the explosions and making as much money as possible. God it was interesting. Although, I do wonder how those theorists addressed the fact that the artist has been oppressed by the studios in Hollywood since before talkies, and that the conflict between art and product is a constant.

Also, it's given me an awesome thesis idea.

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I will never understand why the ABC keeps slotting in this Star Stories crap between series of the good shows on Wednesdays. Seriously, it's mindblowingly terrible. And it makes me sad to know that the kid from Muppet Treasure Island has become so... skeevy. Know what, bugger this. I'm gonna run up to the street and get some chewy (it's an addiction, you guys, seriously) before Tara starts. brb. *leaves*

*turns on TV*
Perfect timing!
*blows bubble*

So hi. Got the Abnormal Psych essay in today, ON TIME. It wasn't actually finished, but I've been having so much despair with this thing hanging over my head I was not going to spend another day with the damn thing, so printed it at 4:52 and ran - actually ran, which I'm technically not supposed to do because I could, like, lose the feeling in my legs or something - it to the psych building. When I got there they'd pulled the roller door down already, and I almost freaking SOBBED. Went around the corner to the staff entrance and caught them leaving, because damn it, my phone said it was 4:57 and I fecking ran for this freaking essay. They were very nice, and accepted it. Thank god.

This was going to be a big entry about a lot of random little things, but turned into bitching about Sydney Uni Psych, loving Sydney Uni Art History & Film, comparing the three, and talking about my academic and career plans )

The plan, such as it stands at the moment, is to spread the remaining four units of study I have left on my degree over two semesters next year, while hopefully getting a job vaguely related to film in some way (or getting an unrelated job and volunteering at film festivals), and doing short courses at AFTRS (the Australian Fillm, TV, and Radio School) to build a portfolio and study cinematography/ directing/ art direction there properly the year after I do honours here. Which means three more years in Sydney, which is bad, but there isn't a lot of choice when it comes to learning film making - it's pretty much a capital cities thing, I think. Although I may take a year off after honours, stay in the Central West working some little retail job, or working at one of the ABC's regional offices. A foot in the door is a foot in the door in the Australian film industry, no matter how small the door, or which side of the house it's on.

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argahrghagrhagrharg. The bloody strike has been called off. AGAIN.

Tell you what, I'm bloody sick of this bloody caving to the union's demands crap that this wuss of a uni keeps doing. What happened to the good old days of the institution oppressing the masses and threatening to sack them and bring in the foreigners/scabs if they complained, dammit!

I really could have used Wednesday off.

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1) I am sick.

Nothing hugely serious, just unpleasant. Started getting sick on Saturday, when had a sore throat for the wedding, then woke up Sunday with the whole set. Because of this, stayed at home until Tuesday instead of flying back to Sydney Sunday. Thank god or that. Not only do I always prefer being at home, but last night was awful. I'd have hated to be alone for it.

My doctor has diagnosed it as Viral infection affecting upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal (which means tummy), dehydration.

2) I know what my doctor has diagnosed it as, because I have begun the process of applying for extensions on the three essays I'm currently working on.

Got a week for Silent to Sound already (yay I love art history!), will probably just have to ask for an extra week or so for Modes of Viewing (yay again for art history), but goodness knows how much Science will give me for Abnormal Psych (boo hiss to science and pyschology for their damn bureaucracy). I'm hoping at least a week, because there's no way I'll have it anywhere near done by Friday.

3) Have three essays to write.  :(

Getting there though.


Seeing Tex Perkins with [profile] 3771 on Friday night (OMGOMGOMGOMGTEEEEXXX), then probably having a look at the city or gallery of Victoria or something with my cousin on Saturday. I've never really been to Melbourne before (breif stop-over on the way to and from Tasmania with a school group), and this time I'm going to see TEX! OMG I AM SO EXCITED. Also, I'll be crashing on my cousin's couch in his derro sharehouse. That's one more uni-student experience box I can tick off! If I get fleas it'll be double points!

I WILL be well enough for Melbourne. Then I will come home and finish these essays on time.

5) I'm sure there are other things I could say but my brain appears to have shut down for the day.

Oh look Austin Powers.

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I got a letter from the arts music department today (I had Mum read it out to me over the phone as it was sent home not here).

My lecturer wanted to congratulate me on my great marks in Film Music, saying what a delight it is for lecturers to read good essays. He also wanted to remind me that art music has an honours program for its high acheiving students, should I be interested. I had the biggest, stupidest smile on my face while she was reading it. They think I'm a good student. *beams ever so slightly smugly*

I know it was probably sent out to all students in his course that got a distinction, and there's no way I can or would do music honours anyway (don't have room in my degree, have no interest in the technical aspects), but still I'm well chuffed. That's like, the best motivator ever.
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Have submitted the South Park essay. Took a little longer than planned because of sickness and stress, but I think it turned out okay. Again, over the word limit. Hopefully now will start waking up in the morning without "Uncle Fucka" in my head (for one thing, "Uncle Fucka" isn't even my favourite SP song. Although, Brain Boitano gets old after a while too).

I titled it "In War You're Shat Upon", and am only now realising that my lecturer might not get the connection with that. The word "fuck" featured five times. It's ridiculous how amused by this I am.

SO, am kicking around in Sydney until next Monday with nothing to do but an exam Friday morning, which I plan to stagger study for, leaving me with a nice relaxed week. I'm going to try to see a few movies, if anyone wants to join. Definitely Samson and Delilah, possibly My Year Without Sex and the new Transformers (because the first one was surprisingly good), or possibly something else entirely.

I'm sort of toying with the idea of going to Supernova. But... I don't know, the website isn't terribly helpful. What actually happens at these things? I do know there'll be geeky things to buy, and I do like buying things. Thoughts, anyone?


Jun. 18th, 2009 12:58 am
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What is with the phrase "head shrinking" when talking about psychologists/psychiatrists? Where does that come from?

Things, non-chronologically:

The last week or so, for the record. Essays and exams. A baffled ranty thing. Nephews. )

However, I am looking forward to trying to sound academic while discussing Satan singing about wanting to take over the world so that he can go on gay cruises.


Jun. 10th, 2009 02:32 pm
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I don't suppose anyone out there is part of a Uni or other library/whatever that has online access to the journal Studies in French Cinema, at all?

Or to issues of Sight and Sound from the year 2000? Or wants to toddle down to Shaffer Library at Sydney Uni and copy, scan, and email an article from it for me, as the databases I can access online through Usyd only go from 1939-1990 and 2004-present (Why those fourteen years are bloody skipped I have no idea, but they have been, and it's really inconvienient).
ETA: Ah ha! The Sight and Sound thing is online, the library website is just labelled wrong! Okay, never mind about that, then.

It's quite hard to write a research essay when you can't get to any sources, I'm finding. Possibly I should think about changing questions.
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So tonight's the concert for damn stupid SUESS (Sydney Uni Ecclectic Singing Society, which my friend started, and roped me into joining, despite the fact that I really am not a choir person, and tend to get ragey).

I know this is horendously late notice, but you are, of course, all invited. Given how terrible a mood SUESS tends to put me in, it'd be nice to see some people that I don't associate with wanting to hit things, so not only are you invited, you'd be very very welcome. Moral support is nice. It's in the big room at Old Darlington School, at 7:30.

Putting aside my weird rage issues for the moment, I'm a bit hesitant about this thing. My back can't really take standing still and trying to reach high notes at the same time, so that makes things hard and painful, and means that my friend the conductor gives me "smile, damn you! and hold your folder properly!" looks, while all I can manage is small grimaces of pain with one hand holding my lower back in a vain attempt at providing some support. And the having to wear certain clothes just puts me in mind of school band, which leads to some very unpleasant memories (our school band teacher was a dreadful bitch, and sucked the joy out of everything she touched. Also, she was bad at the whole, actually teaching kids to play and read music thing). And, because I missed three weeks due to sickness and essays, and because I have no access to sheetmusic, I'm not doing a solo, which leads to inferiority issues, and, ugh. I really don't want to go.

Waaaaaaaaah, I'm calling my Mum to whinge.

ETA: Okay, bitching on the phone to your Mum and sister does wonders for being pissed off. I'm in a good mood now, so yay!

And I look fecking hot in black, yo. And slacks? Actually make my bum look good. hells yeah.
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James Van Der Beek has a really deep voice. He doesn't sound at all like Dawson did.  :(

And yes, I am half watching Medium at the moment (despite not particularily liking it) because tonight is a night for guilt free TV watching, as I have finally FINISHED MY STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE ESSAY!!!  Booyah!

Now there's just the National and Transnational Cinemas essay due on Monday (which I will probably give myself a few extra days for, because dude, those questions are just scary) and I will have free time again! Which will be spent in part watching Dragonball, finally, goddamit. (anyone who wants to join is more than welcome, btw)

On a related note, my tutorial class for Literature and Cinema (the course that studied A Streetcar Named Desire in week 2) has gotten into the habit of hollering "STEEEEELLLLAAAHHH!" whenever they want me to do something (which this week involved acting out a scene from Oedipus Rex. I was Oedipus. I haven't done drama since year five and they throw me into Oedipus).

It is fantastic.

(Whenever people ask me if I mind the "STEELLAAAA!" thing, I reply, "no, I love it!"

What I don't often add though, is, "And honey, I could totally handle Marlon Brando in a ripped shirt hollering out for me like his life's depending on it, ooookaaay."

[philkensebben] Ha ha, lechery for the sake of irony! [/philkensebben])
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And I've done it again. Written twice as much as the word limit asks for. This is not good.

I blame Wes Anderson. It's impossible to talk about a Wes Anderson thing in only 1000 words. Didn't help that it was about Wes Anderson, with additional Seu Jorge, David Bowie, and Sigur Ros. You can't talk about Sigur Ros without explaining Sigur Ros.

Also, I didn't once mention Bill Murray, despite the fact that he makes the film, and is utterly incredible in it. I talked about Steve Zissou's face, but didn't mention that it was actually Bill Muray's face. But it's not supposed to be a review, so hopefully that doesn't matter. Had I more time and not those guidelines, I'd like to write about Bill Murray. He's amazing.

I have no idea how one cites music, and all the online guides are kinda useless. And why do they all assume people want to write about only classical music?

First essay of the year down. I'm rusty. Quite certain it amde very little coherent sense, and have completely forgotten how to cite without a guide to refer to.

Making up titles is especially hard when about to fall asleep on the keyboard. Giving the class till midnight to submit online has both its up and down sides.

I could have done a lot better had I started sooner, I think. Written a couple of drafts, one with both songs, one with just Life on Mars, and one with just Staralfur. That would have been better. But god I've had enough for now, and it's done and submitted, so. Wouldn't have been such a problem if I was actually capable of keeping to a word limit. Would have been done hours ago.

Everyone, watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou sometime. With the volume up high for maximum effect. It's a wonderful movie with great music.

I'm going to bed.

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What the feck, Channel Ten, this is not Dexter! Why are you not playing Dexter?? I like Dexter, Dexter is the one show each week I look forward to. WHY are you not showing Dexter?! This is the second time in the last week I've been expecting one show and gotten NCIS. What the hell? Who watches NCIS? NCIS is not an acceptable replacement for freaking Dexter!

If they've cancelled it I'm going to be very bloody unhappy with them. The feckers.


Today's somewhat petty journey in film tutorials )

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Mum and Dad just left. I'm at uni, doing jobs. Now I'm back in this awful city all by myself. I don't even have an internet connection to keep me distracted.

I don't like being upset and lonely, especially on my birthday.

I need to get back to the flat and distract myself, I think.
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Dear Faculty of Arts,

I hate you.



ETA: Greater Western Area Health Service, on the other hand:

I love you. That was the easiest phonecall of my life.

Affectionately yours,

PS., Don't ever change.
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There is a smokey haze here. Last time that happened was during the Canberra bushfires a few years ago, and I remember being amazed then at how big the fires must have been for the smoke to travel 350kms. We're around seven hundred Ks from where the fires are now, and the smoke is so thick you can't even see the back paddock properly and the sky is completely white. I can't even imagine how bad it must be this time.

It's strange, hearing about a disaster happening far off and then waking to see the evidence all around you. Normally, this area seems completely immune to the rest of the world.

Mum and I went flat hunting over the weekend. Mostly in Glebe as there was nothing really suitable in Newtown, unfortunately.

We had a really nice time together, we always do on our Sydney trips. Saw a movie, went out to tea both nights, made elaborate plans trying to figure out how we could be at three flat inspections at once. Rushed about and flagged taxis and bitched about one of the agents. Wandered about Glebe on Friday night trying to find all the flats we were planning to see properly the next day, ended up at Blackwattle Bay looking over the water at eleven o'clock at night - people were out walking their dogs and babies even then. I was thwarted twice in my pursuit for a nice cold apple juice after flat hunting, and Mum was driven to sarcasm while trying to deal with the annoying agent. We hobbled around together with sore feet the next day when a mix up over movies (we sat in the cinema for half an hour, thinking our movie was late because of a blackout that had interrupted the ending of the film before it, before we realised we had been sold the wrong tickets and our movie had started twenty minutes ago) meant we had to wander around King Street. It was a nice trip.

On the flat search, I've been offered one fairly nice but very small place already, which is the backup in case we miss out on the absolutely amazing two story, two or three bedroom, old fashioned, well-lit, near the Point, catacomb-y and enormous flat above a shop that I really really want. The waiting to hear is going to kill me.

Speaking of killing me, worst air-sickness ever on Friday. Oh god, never going near a plane without medication during a heatwave again. Why oh why can't I be one of those lucky bastards who gets to spew when they feel crook? The world is a much better place after a good vomit.

For the way back we bought some medicated travel sickness stuff, which I've not had for a very long time, preferring instead to take ginger pills (despite the taste of ginger making me want to spew just as much and the sickness) so I could stay awake.

Dude. I had forgotten what it was like to be that stoned.

I have like a dozen things I want finish writing and post.

Was meant to ring Uni today. Bugger. Must do that tomorrow.

Which reminds me - rant time:

I effing hate the arts desk sometimes )

This post has a bit of a whiny, possibly self-centred tone because my back really hurts today.  :( 

And one of my wisdom teeth is really hurting.

And my knee hurts where it got all cut up after my motorbike gave up on me half way up the dam bank, rolled all the way back down, and then fell over on me.

Sympathy is encouraged and will be hoarded away gratefully so that I can look at it lovingly as I wallow in self pity.

Dexter's back on tonight! And GNW! And Media watch! And there's a Stephen Fry thing about his bipolar disorder! And the second series of Underbelly, which I never really cared about before but this one is set in the seventies and involves Matthew Newton! Matthew Newton! And it's South Park night!

And they're all on at the exact same time!

Welcome back, ratings season?

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