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(lol at the first post I've made in ages being about a completely different social media site, but fuck it I can't do it there can I?)

Can it please be accepted that, if I have selected "not available to chat" then I am - and here I'd like to point out the ridiculousness of me needing to say this at all - NOT FUCKING AVAILABLE TO CHAT.

And indeed, if I NEVER, AT ANY TIME, AT ALL, EVER have "available to chat" selected, is it really so much to expect people to draw the conclusion that I, and here's the key point in all of this, NEVER WANT TO FUCKING CHAT.

Wah wah wah i have a lot to say apparently )

And this, it occurs to me, is probably why I'm so bad at maintaining meaningful friendships. "GO AWAY WITH YOUR WANTING MY COMPANY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU I REFUSE TO MAKE TALKING TO ME EASY" is prob not helpful.
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I really don't get how people can call their Tumblrs blogs. I mean, okay if it's a themed one, that's cool. But when it's basically a collection of caps and half conversations and reblogs (not that there's not a place for that), calling it a blog, something which implies some sort of theme or structure or thought, it's kind of a misnomer, isn't it?

Also uuuugh Bright Eyes just came up on itunes. When I don't drive I don't listen to music much but when I do I listen to them every day and oh oh oh how I have missed you these last few weeks, Connor.

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