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Am watching Ocean's 11.

Have re-named friend's page accordingly.*

And, honestly, I could just watch Clooney and Pitt forever. The timing, and the suave, and the banter - oh the banter! And look, I'll just say it, the voices and the hot. I mean it's Brad freaking PITT for god's sake. Why are they not in every movie. There should be a law. I mean god.

With extra points given for including Casey Affleck and that other guy in comedic support. Because lol Mexico.

*srsly, check it out.

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Desktop computer is back from the fixer place, virus free and working! No longer am I dependent on a very bad wireless signal that drops out too regularly for me to do anything with a page once it finally opens! Huzzah!

Watched 17 Again again tonight. Lucy gave me the DVD for christmas (as demanded), and I squealed mightily when I opened it.

Seriously. I think it's probably one of my favourite movies ever. I am not even exaggerating. I love it so much, I want to run away with it to a distant island and make tiaras out of flowers for it and write poetry for it, and serenade it with Bust a Move on my ukalale while the sun sets over the sea in the distance.

Have decided that the full title should be something like Why You Are completely In Love With Zac Efron (Even If You May Not Yet Know It). Because goddammit, he is awesome.

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It's quite silly really, this love I have for a slightly (or, ridiculously, even) mad Harry. I know it's more common to see Draco written as the comedic little vaguely unhinged / completely ridiculous one, but I think it's so much more fun (or interesting, if we're talking serious types of unhinged) if it's Harry.

Honestly, I laughed so hard at this fic, in which Harry is obsessed with Malfoy's hair, Hermione and Ron are long-suffering, and plotting and ficuses happen. There is no part of that summary that I could ever dislike.

(Very long haired Malfoy isn't really my thing, so at first I tried to picture it a bit shorter than she describes, but then I realised that the image my brain was throwing up in response to the description as a whole was more a sort of crazy Square-Enix situation with impossibly shaped silver hair and broad shoulders, so then I thought JUST GO WITH IT.)

And look, while I'm here and talking about kooky Harrys, here's two of my favourites:

- The Benefits of Breakfast, by [livejournal.com profile] wonkyveela. Like the one above, it's G/PG, and silly. By way of summary, have the first few lines - they're all kinds of wonderful and express the key plot point (jam): )


From Another Perspective by [livejournal.com profile] kabeyk. Which is, in the grand tradition of Kabeyk, far more explicit (NC17), and astoundingly well written. She's always funny, always insightful, always making the mundane seem like the most fascinating thing in the world, and has a gorgeous way of working language that always just fucking floors me. This is one of my favourites of her stories, and one of my all time favourite H/Ds. Seriously, I just re-read a bit, and lost all coherency for a few moments because al;jfasl;fj she just, fucking, brilliant, so bloody brilliantly written I can't even. READ IT.

Summary: A bit loopy after the war is over, Harry starts to wonder if maybe he's gay. And then Malfoy turns up.

(Also, her Malfoy in this fic? Possibly one of my favourites ever. THE IMAGERY. She's hit my white button up shirt; stubble; arrogant, petulant arsehole; pale skin with pale hair; and lounging around smoking kinks, some of which I don't even think I had before reading this fic. Dear god the imagery.)

I'm in such a good mood right now. And the cat has moved on from purring while trying to bite me to trying to eat my dressing gown. She's surprisingly strong, but I think I can take her. Muha!


Jul. 7th, 2009 03:27 pm
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This picture (from the latest fandomsecrets post) made me grin far too much. Combined with my rather unexpected insane giggling reaction to the Draco HBP poster at George st Cinemas the other week, and my delight at reports of how much of a sweetheart he is in his twitter, I'm pretty sure I should take this as a sign that, somehow, I appear to have fallen in love with Tom Felton.

I really have no idea how this happened. I was never that fussed about Malfoy, and don't follow the fandom terribly closely. It must be the hair. He has such pretty hair.* Or the face. I do quite like his face.... And, um. Yes. The grinning is happening again.

Reeeeally want to see the new movie now. Already wanted to see it for the inappropriate comments potential, but now for the silent inner-fussing that's sure to come whenever he's on screen as well.




*Not in the new movie though. Dear god what is wrong with the hair people on these films? They've done the same thing to Daniel Radcliffe (who I've found ridiculously adorable since his first appearance on Rove a couple of years ago revealed him to be a total dork. Also, there was the play-flirting and kiss with Rove, which was just far too funny and cute. I like him very much, though not in a crushy, fangirly way - even though he's quite a nice looking boy when he's doing his own damn hair), and I just don't get it.

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So, dudes, I know 20 to 1 is hardly an adequate scientific forum or anything, but. Tonight, they're doing "Hollywood's Hottest Hunks" or something, and Zac Efron is in it. So ha! Validation! And oh god he really has turned out quite nicely hasn't he. lksznvalknv ohgoodnessgrasciousme is that STUBBLE I see?

Also, BRANDO. I am very glad to see that Brando is involved, but, if he's not in the top five there is something seriously wrong with the people making these lists.

Because BRANDO.

He was a complete psycho, but oh god he was awesome.

ETA: Y HELO THAR, MICHAEL DOUGLAS at number 16. How is it that his accent is so much cooler than everyone else's? Possibly it has to do with how very cool he is. Oh yeah.

ETA again: Tom Cruise? Really? I will never get that. Even before the crazy, he's... not hot.
Although his role in Tropic Thunder was teh shiz.

Wait, now Richard Gere? Are you freaking kidding me? Ugh.

ETA the third: I don't really get Denzel Washington either. Maybe he's more appealing to people who have seen more of his films? Bruce Willis however, totally. Especially circa Moonlighting.

Heh, Johnny Depp is only at ten? Even straight men dig Johnny Depp. Or, at least, one of my favourite quotes of all time is from the tvtropes Even the Guys Want Him article, in which one straight man was recorded as having said of him, the only reason to kick him out of bed is to f-ck him on the floor.

ETA Brando at last: number nine. I can live with this. And there was Streetcar footage. As there should be. But that... American gossip guy who seems to work for chnnel nine now, what's his name? Whatever. If he could never do the STELLLAAAAHH thing again I would be very happy about that. Especially not in the same few seconds as seeing Brando's definitive version.

ETA once more: James Dean. Number 2. Good. I adore James Dean

But wait. Hugh Jackman at one? No. What the hell. And why was he the only Aussie on it anyway?

Also, by the way, I now have internets again. Will start catching up sometime after pretending to watch Madmen because it's far cooler than everyone knowing that I'll be spending most of the next hour flicking back to channel nine so I can whinge at 20 to 1.

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Tonight, my sister (who is here staying with me for the week - yay! More on that later, but for now let it be known that this is partially why I've not been online much. The rest of the reason has to do with what a particularily astute and surprised Telstra man called "my Building's hodge podge, insane mess of a wiring system" that has ensured I've not been getting any bills and therefore not paying so Telstra cut my phone off. ANYWAY) and I went to the movies.

We saw 17 Again, which was actually really good. The idea's a huge cliche`, but the execution was great, and it was clever, very funny, and I liked it far, far more than I expected. The subplot with the friend and the principal was especially inspired. Also, Matthew Perry. Seriously you guys, I highly recommened it. (To everyone but K, because embarrassment squick liek whoa. It could have been so, so much worse, but I was still hugging my legs a lot in it)

However, while watching it, I realised something strange and rather unexpected: I think I find Zac Efron hot.

Like, really, seriously attractive. Not in the Highschool Musical movies era, because yeahno, but in this? He is gorgeous. Especially at the beginning with the curly hair. He has a really long body, which I soooo like in a man (possibly we could trace this back to anime, but we don't need to go there), and moves really well (fecking cool dance scene at the start, yo), and has good timing delivery and a good voice and is a savvy guy who is good at his job, and in this he had that paternal thing going on, which is really very nice and. Um, yeah. He's a bit of alright, I reckon.

Also, for the first like, half an hour or so I was totally shipping him with the blond bully dude.

I am... somewhat mortified at myself. My thirteen year old, Highschool Musical obsessed cousin actually had a point. Which is just not on.

If I start fancying those Zack and Cody kids from the Disney channel someone send help (and possibly the authorities, because, as I said to my cousin when she was fussing over them and asked me "don't you think they're sooo cute, Stell?", honey, if I were to dig them, that would be worrying).

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*coughs* Um. Hello? Internet? Coo-ee! It's only me.

This, my dears, has been a very busy month. Have not seen f-list properly for some time, so HI! everyone, hope you are well.

So, for the record, stuff that has been happening here:

Various, work, Kicked Out Update, etc )

I got a hair cut!

It's all light and cute and when I curl it it looks so classy and old-fashioned. I FEEL SO PRETTY.
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So I'm watching Head On (the Australian film based on the incredible novel Loaded - not the European or Turkish or whatever it was fiilm of the same name) for the first time in quite a while, and once again I am struck by how incredibly beautiful Alex Dimitriades was.

Seriously. Alex Dimitriades circa 1998 is easliy the most attractive boy this country has ever produced. Or, as my mother once said, he's "dishy".

His character has a line near the beginning, "Most anglo woman can't stand us [Greek men*]. They look at us and all they see is a hairy back." To which all I can think is, 'Bullshit. I'd have him.' Because I so so so so would.

(*I know this line is there because the film addresses racism and the migrant experience, but hello. I mean come on, Greece has a long history of producing beautiful young men. See video for an example.)

I believe the word is "guh".

(Incidently, he does not have a hairy back. Or front. For more details see the full naked shot on the DVD that I am very very sure was not in the version I taped from the TV a few years ago.)

One day I'll get around to writing that big analysis I've had going in my head about this film, or (more likely) the completely astounding book it was adapted from, but for the moment, here are my professional thoughts on Alex Dimitriades.

If someone could have him shipped to me so that I can just look at him all day that would be really nice.

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