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Reeeeeeeeeally what to see what these apparently fake but amazing SPN spoilers are but am worried that they'll turn out to be true or still somehow spoil the episode for me regardless. ARAGH WHAT TO DOOOO

In other news I've been catching bits of misfits the last few fridays and it seems really good. Need to see if the dvd shop has it.

Watched Tennant's last DW episode on tv again today and OH GOD so many feelings. An assembly line of every DW character I ever loved marched out to break my heart a million times in the span of 15 minutes.


But! I've decided I'm going to make the best of it, consciously make the effort to be more confident and calm, and make the little changes needed to make the artroom run better with me as the principle user, regardless of how my half-mad boss has done things for the past 35 years. Still shitting myself but gonna try, and at least I get a bit more money each week. :/

OH OH AND: MY PASSPORT CAME TODAYYYYYYYY! EUROPE IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING YESSSSSSS. And it's a shiney new passport design with pictures all through it so if I get homesick I can just look at it and go OH GUMTREES AND EMUS IT'S LIKE I NEVER LEFT.

Wrote a thing for the local paper today. the old movie theatre facade is being restored in town, so I wrote a thing about some of my favourite really old movies. Gosh it felt great to be writing about film again; I really need to get this blog thing happening.


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I have two weeks to do about 17 assessments.

This is on top of my two jobs (one of which is only three days a week and the other of which is incredibly flexible - thank god), helping organise my sister's 18th, feeding my parents' pets while they're in NZ, going to two family parties, and helping my grandma sort out her phone/internet.

If anyone else asks me to do anything for them I will actually die.

I never want to get off this couch again. Maybe I could throw it all in and just live on the couch. Get one of the random neighbourhood kids who are always walking past to bring me food occasionally. It could work.

I so can't wait for this study block to be over. I miss not having anything to do.
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A very dear friend of mine died the other day. She was in her late sixties at the very least, and so had a depth and breadth of years and experience that I could never compare with, but still, somehow, we sat on the same wavelength.

We first bonded because I was the only person she’d met who could give her a good reason for not liking the Lord of the Rings books. She was impressed by my thinking, I was enamoured with her for valuing it. That was when I was in year nine, and I honestly can’t remember the details of many individual conversations or meetings after that one, though I do remember from all of them an ease. We got on; could talk and joke with a relaxed wit, a common disposition towards the world.

Mum once called my relationship with her “The Mutual Appreciation Society”, which was pretty well spot on. I never felt that I had to impress her, never felt out of my depth or anxious, because, somehow, she seemed to think I was pretty special already, just for being myself. I, in turn, admired her greatly, thought she was one of the coolest people I’d ever met. We shared an open respect for each other, one unmatched I think in my dealings with almost anyone else.

She was sharp and funny, well read and caring. She worked in the town library, raised a huge brood of loud, friendly and mad children, and of course was quite mad herself (many of us are, the creative and clever you find in small towns). She was well spoken but not snobbish; grand in her words and her brilliance but never vague or superior in her dealings. She was straight forward, confident, had lived a full life and taken all of it in her stride, building a heft of experience and knowledge and vitality that propelled her and powered her in her every moment.

She was, and always will be, one of my absolute favourite people.

Though there is no shortage of fantastic women in my own family, I’ve often thought that if I must get older, I want to do it like her. If, when I am her age, I can look at my life and consider myself even half the woman she was, consider myself in possession of even a fraction of her character, her brilliance, I will be proud.

And, for the time being, I take a great deal of pride in knowing that she, for whatever reason, liked me. It is an honour and a pleasure to have known her, to consider her a friend.

I am going to miss her very much.

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I've been kind of taking a break from anything that's not right in front of me while working my life out.

I finished uni half way through last year, and promptly discovered that, despite what the website may say, it's not actually possible to start USyd film studies honours mid year. So I decided to hell with Sydney for the rest of 2010, and went home.

So that's where I've been for the past... like, 8 or 9 months. Jesus, that went. But it was really, really wonderful, and probably one of the better things I could have done.

Things that have happened in that time (in point form, because I know your time is valuable):

bla-dee bla-dee siss bam boom )

So, that's the summary. And now here I am in my new house, surrounded by all my stuff, Galaxy Quest on the tv, and perhaps rather a bit desperately lonely without my family around, but they're not too far away, so I'm going to learn to deal with that.

I have a better idea now then ever about what I want out of life, what's important and what I do and don't care about. I'm a bit more secure and outgoing (sales will do that to you, but so will responsibility and community, time and space and family, things which I didn't get much of while away at uni), and, well, to be honest, I'm probably still a bit of a mess sometimes, but I like to think I'm a bit more of a grown up about it.

I've figured out that I don't want to live in the city unless I can do it in a place I own and/or a suburb I like. I want to travel. I don't like being alone, despite how crazy too constant company makes me. I love cinema, art, and pop culture, and want to keep studying them. I think I might even like to teach them. I don't want to be a stooge; I'm an artist, deep down in my soul, just gotta work on the tools to bring it out. I'm a bit of a freak, but that's so much better than the alternative. I fucking love saying fuck. I love my town more than any place on earth, and would probably be lost without my farm; all roads lead back there, and no where else makes as much sense. I like country people, and there are ways I can be one and still do the things I love.

So, that's me. I'm here and I'm well, and I hope you're the same. <3

I've barely looked at my flist in months, so if there's any goss, or anything major (or minor even, I'm not picky. The point is: WASSUP) has happened to anyone, LAY IT ON ME, MY BBS. 

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So anyway, I pretty much hate my job.  Not like in a My life is miserable I weep over the steering wheel every morning, kind of way, but more a sort of, Oh my god I hate filling the fucking coke fridge. What the fucking hell, have you people never heard of TAPS, jesus. And what the what, BP, how are we still using fecking DOS, are you even aware of the 21st century? kind of way. It's not awful and not all that strenuous, and the pay is good, but it's crappy and unstimulating, and the slushie machines are noisy as hell.

HOWEVER. There is one thing I kinda love about it.

One of my jobs, the actual formal name for it is "Facing and Filling" the shelves and fridges. It's basically putting out stock (filling), and making sure it's all at the front of the shelf/fridge with the label facing forward (facing).

So, um, it might happen that, uh, while walking back to the counter after turning all the cokes around, I might, occasionally, maybe, sort of, um, do this: 


Also, election happened. FIFTEEN HOUR FREAKING DAY, my god, but I actually enjoyed it. Even if my throat was killing me after asking 400 people's names, addresses, if they've voted so far in this election, no, in THIS election. With THESE candidates. Today or in the last few weeks. LOL. The answer I want to hear is no. Awesome. Here're your ballots, this is what you do with them. 

The moral is: people. For seriously. Be kind to your polling officials. That certified list is bloody huge.

But you know the really amazing thing is how many people in the world are named Francis.


My beloved car has reached the stage where bits are literally falling off  when I touch them, and my speedo is completely beyond saving. But on the other hand I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER~~~  \o/   Or, will do, on Monday. I beautiful new desktop with a massive 21 INCH SCREEN I CAN'T EVEN that's powerful enough to handle my ridiculously expensive video and image editing software. I am so in love with it, seriously. Expect many comments on old posts when I finally get it, because I doubt I'll ever want to leave it and will finally be able to catch up on all the internet I've missed lately for whatever reason.

Speaking of, HELLO BBS HOW ARE YOU I'VE MISSED YOOOUUUUUU SFM, MY GOD. I'm still sort of everywhere, but can't wait to get this new computer going and actually, you know, participate on this LJ thing with all you wonderful people again. <3

Oh hang on, one last thing: Have I mentioned that I'm going to Brisbane to chill with mah peeps? BECAUSE YEAH, I'M GOING TO FREAKING BRISBANE(!!!!) TO CHILL WITH MY BEAUTIFUL, BADARSE FREAKING PEEPS(!!!!), JSYK (\O/)

Today I...

Aug. 6th, 2010 12:15 am
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1) Saved four lives. (aka, the blood van came to town. My arm still hurts, but they had snickers!)


Just a few days a week at a servo, but it's good work that fits my schedule and leaves room for another casual job if I can get one. Plus the pay is AWESOME. $28 on weekends! Twenty eight! That's almost twice as much as my last job!  \o/

2b) I have an interview tomorrow for a gig on the silos come harvest, which would be bloody buggering work in bloody blistering heat with grain dust everywhere and ridiculously early starts, but it'll only be a couple of weeks and I kinda want to try it. I am a  farm girl, afterall; I like hard work (occasionally) and heavy machinery. And, again, the pay would be great.

(It's kinda funny really. In two days I'll have had two interviews, one with BP and one with the AWB. I seem to be attracting companies with... rather chequered pasts) XD


This gif pretty much sums up my entire family's reaction completely perfectly:



(omglol, captcha to load the ghostfacers gif: "lunatics of". Captcha ALWAYS KNOWS)
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I am still sick! Not as bad as before, getting better, hopefully, but still sick, and my doctor is amazed.

I feel as though I've achieved something. The girl who had a tummy bug so long, even her doctor looked upon her with surprise!

He also told me things I can eat, so yay food! My diet now consists of:

~Lean meat

And I am forbidden from:

~Fresh fruit
~Fresh vegies
~Orange juice

It's like a bizarre inversion of every other piece of dietary advice ever. But yay pumpkin!

ALSO ALSO, I changed my journal style. Am a little bit in love with it. I have a tag cloud! I always wanted a tag cloud!

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1) I am sick.

Nothing hugely serious, just unpleasant. Started getting sick on Saturday, when had a sore throat for the wedding, then woke up Sunday with the whole set. Because of this, stayed at home until Tuesday instead of flying back to Sydney Sunday. Thank god or that. Not only do I always prefer being at home, but last night was awful. I'd have hated to be alone for it.

My doctor has diagnosed it as Viral infection affecting upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal (which means tummy), dehydration.

2) I know what my doctor has diagnosed it as, because I have begun the process of applying for extensions on the three essays I'm currently working on.

Got a week for Silent to Sound already (yay I love art history!), will probably just have to ask for an extra week or so for Modes of Viewing (yay again for art history), but goodness knows how much Science will give me for Abnormal Psych (boo hiss to science and pyschology for their damn bureaucracy). I'm hoping at least a week, because there's no way I'll have it anywhere near done by Friday.

3) Have three essays to write.  :(

Getting there though.


Seeing Tex Perkins with [profile] 3771 on Friday night (OMGOMGOMGOMGTEEEEXXX), then probably having a look at the city or gallery of Victoria or something with my cousin on Saturday. I've never really been to Melbourne before (breif stop-over on the way to and from Tasmania with a school group), and this time I'm going to see TEX! OMG I AM SO EXCITED. Also, I'll be crashing on my cousin's couch in his derro sharehouse. That's one more uni-student experience box I can tick off! If I get fleas it'll be double points!

I WILL be well enough for Melbourne. Then I will come home and finish these essays on time.

5) I'm sure there are other things I could say but my brain appears to have shut down for the day.

Oh look Austin Powers.

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MAJOR achievement today.

Had a go at the Target puzzle in today's Herald (the one with three rows of three letters, in which you have to make as many 4+ letter words as you can, all using the centre letter). The target was: 18 words, good; 27 very good; 36 excellent, and I - that is, me, who is rubbish at puzzles where you have to recall things - got twenty one words! I got twenty one words in the Herald Target puzzle! Including the one nine letter word (mitigated)!

I've never gotten anywhere near the targets before! I am so proud of myself it's ridiculous.  :D

Very busy around here lately. 


Have decided to make my living washing cars )


Lamb marking )


Bonfires and BABIES )


Today was Nan's birthday, so I went out to visit her. )

The desktop computer has been struck by a virus, so will be having a go at removing that tomorrow. Am writing this from my laptop in the loungeroom, via Mum's wireless thingy, which is really only good for times when you want to stay on one page for extended periods of time without clicking anything.

My uncle Steven gave me a dozen eggs from up his mum and dad's place today while I was out there, so will have to do some cooking this week. Nan gave me a bag of lemons today too, and none of us eat lemons (I told Nan this, but there is no deterring my Nan in these matters), so will endeavor to cook something that involves both lemons and eggs. I have no idea what.

To anyone who I owe a reply to, I'll get back to you tomorrow. Was going to do so tonight (since I've been cut off the last few days, what with sudden virus attacks and going to bed early so as to not disturb babies, and being knackered, and wireless being slow and laptops being temperamental), but this post has took a lot more time than planned, and now I really need to go to the loo, and have thoroughly run out of steam and am going to bed. 


Jun. 18th, 2009 12:58 am
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What is with the phrase "head shrinking" when talking about psychologists/psychiatrists? Where does that come from?

Things, non-chronologically:

The last week or so, for the record. Essays and exams. A baffled ranty thing. Nephews. )

However, I am looking forward to trying to sound academic while discussing Satan singing about wanting to take over the world so that he can go on gay cruises.

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Look. If I've never met you, then we probably aren't friends, and so I'm not going to accept your friend request. Especially if you don't even have the courtesy to introduce yourself. Even if we have mutual friends, it's not going to happen. If you can't be arsed to say how you know me and why you think I should friend a complete stranger, then piss off. Even something like, "I'm a friend of Lucy's, she's mentioned you before and I thought you sounded cool" would be enough. I don't even care if you ignore me after that point - given that I don't like facebook and rarely spend any time with it, I probably won't even notice. If you don't do this, I'm going to assume you've added me just because you want to up your numbers, and I hate people who do that.

If I have met you, but we disliked each other, or didn't interact with each other, then this too implies that we are not friends, and so, once again, I'm not going to accept your request. Especially, once again, if you can't be arsed to say hi. If I didn't like you or hang out with you in school, I'm probably not going to want to do so now, especially given that we live in different towns, and so have even less in common and less actual motivation to get on then we did before. If you do add me, knowing full well that we never were friends and will probably never grow to be so, I'm going to assume you've done so just because you want to up your numbers, or because you don't understand the basic definition of the word "friends", or that you have no understanding of personal boundaries, and, once again, I hate people like that.

If we were really good friends in kindergarden, I'll add you back. If you were in my class for a couple of months in year eleven and we never really spoke or clicked, I won't.

If you are a friend of my sister's and introduce yourself or she's told me about you, I'll add you back. If you were in her year and a collosal cow to her, but not openly bitchy to me, I won't.

If we've only met breifly once or twice, but those meetings were pleasant, I'll add you back. If I knew you for years and we never really liked each other, I'll wonder what the hell is wrong with you, but possibly add you back if I have no active animosity towards you. Note the "possibly". If I knew you for  years and we barely spoke, I won't bother. If I knew you for years and only ever saw you behaving like a complete jackass to me and others, I won't.

If you've never met me and don't introduce yourself, I'll either ignore you or message you asking how you know me. Here's a tip on that one by the way; replying with, "we don't [know each other], but we could chat on facebook chat, if you like...", is pretty much a sure fire way to guarantee that I'll ignore you in the future. Especially if you live in another freaking country. I don't have facebook because I want to meet new people, I have it for the sake of the people I already know, and you going through the profiles of people who bare no connection to you whatsoever, and who don't even share many interests with you, is freaking creepy. You want someone to chat to, go to an actual chatroom. Or, if you do want to chat with a complete stranger, at least introduce yourself properly.

In short, don't "friend" me unless we are, in some very loose sense of the word, actual frigging friends.

Furthermore, manners matter, even online, and manners involve telling me who the hell you are before you presume to insinuate yourself into my friends list. My friending criteria actually isn't that strict: one nicely worded message or any tiny bit of positive regard in the past twenty years will probably get you in. I don't think either of these things are unreasonably illogical or overly demanding. 

And if you just want a big friends list, then feck off and get some bloody perspective, you shallow, moronic little twit.

Thankyou, and goodnight.

PS., Also, I hate facebook. Just, like, in general.

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Mum and Dad just left. I'm at uni, doing jobs. Now I'm back in this awful city all by myself. I don't even have an internet connection to keep me distracted.

I don't like being upset and lonely, especially on my birthday.

I need to get back to the flat and distract myself, I think.
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Arg, I'm drinking milo and it's just all floated up to the top, the bastard! Why I felt the need to have milo at ten to twelve at night is beyond me, by the way. Especially after having had three lamingtons and a slice of chocolate cake already today.

Anyway. Have been terribly neglectful of the flist lately, am very sorry to say. So: Hi, all! How's things? Hope you are all well.  :)

Valentines Day
Got my first ever Valentines gift on Saturday: they were selling roses at B-bong races, and Lucy bought me one. I love my sister. She's such a goose sometimes. My only Valentines card ever was also from her a few years ago. She made it herself with a bit of paper and a set of connect-a-pens.

B-bong Races
Speaking of the races - won $11 in the first race! A little gray mare that surged forward in the last few seconds to make a beautiful win. In the second race, my horse ran last, for god's sake, it's not like I have cash to burn here - and in the third, it came second. Second. Gambling is hard, man. I don't think it's for me - I don't like not knowing which horse will win, which is probably a bit of an issue.

The Joyes of Fashion
Mum ended up coming to the races in the end, so did Grandma, Uncle J, and Cousin J2. Lucy and co. were also there, with Cousin M and Cousin L. I was terribly proud of our collective race fashions. For example, Grandma was sporting a very fetching bright orange rain poncho that blew excitingly in the wind, and Lucy's friend S, a large bodied young lady, was wearing a tiny pink coconut bikini over her shirt. When asked about her attire, S replied, "they barely even cover me nipples!"

AKA, The Rat
Cousin L is thirteen and looked stunning, damn her. M and I told her it was ridiculous. We didn't look that good at thirteen and she jolly well shouldn't either. She should be fat and dumpy with acne and ill-fitted clothing, not fantastically dressed with great hair, walking so naturally in heels you'd think she was born in them.

L is wonderful. She's the youngest girl in that side of the family, so we've sort of molded her in our image. She's like a mixture of the best parts of me, Lucy, M, and Cousin A. So, essentially, she is insane, hilarious, confident, into footy, enjoys confusing people, tough, loves a good faux stalk, can fangirl with the best of them, has a large range of exaggerated and extremely silly facial expressions for every situation, is a complete camera whore and total poser, has seen some of the best movies and weird English comedies around, and has a love of clothes and other pretty things that would intimidate lesser men. And she worships the four of us blindly.

One day we will use her to take over the world, somehow. Muha.

Uh, Stream of Consciousness?
I fucking love Quick-Eze. TAKE THAT, inexplicable spontaneous anxiety pain/indigestion!

Amusing Anecdote Time
SPEAKING OF CLOTHES. I have a lot of them. I'm not a shopaholic or anything, I just like pretty things and never have the heart to throw anything away. My wardrobe (which is, to be fair, very small) is overflowing onto the floor, and I have two full suitcases of stuff in the sunroom waiting to go back to Sydney. Even M thinks I have a lot of stuff, and she is a shopping fiend. You can't see her floor for all the clothes she has strewn everywhere. I plan on having a big ruthless clean out before Uni, but I doubt it'll make a dent.

That, however, is not the point. The point is: STORY TIME.

So M is going through my cupboard to help me pick a dress for the races.

"I love all your clothes, Stell, they're so pretty. Oh, is this one of those dresses that looks like a shirt?"

"Probably just a shirt. I used to wear button ups to schoo-"

M has pulled the long-sleeved white shirt from the cupboard and is holding it up. "Okay, definitely not a dress." She is laughing.

"Oh my god, I have never seen that before in my life."

"And it's a man's shirt." A size 37, to be precise. "Was it Ben's, maybe?" My brother had had the room before me. M and I are both giggling in surprise.

"If it is I have no idea how it managed to hide in my cupboard for five years without me ever seeing it. Where did that come from?! I wore button ups to school in year 11 and 12, but they were all three quarter sleeved and for women. I have no memory of ever buying that!

"... The only thing I can think of is that, I have a bit of a thing for men in white buttoned up shirts. Maybe I bought it thinking that, if ever I do get a boyfriend, he'll need one of those in order to keep me."

M is cacking herself. "It's a very specific size, Stell!"

"I know, right?! Maybe I have like a weird subconscious thing for very tiny, skinny men? Which totally goes against everything my taste has ever told me. Where did that come from?!"

The Siblings
Yesterday I made two cakes and a cobloaf, and spent three hours making Lucy the bestest birthday card ever. Ben came over while I was making it, and made me sign it from him too, as a part of his plan for Lucy not to notice he hadn't gotten her a gift ("N's the one who remembers that sort of thing!" N, who has been in Dubbo hospital for the past two weeks with their newborn twins and a flu) until after he had left. He took great joy in playing with my gold texta, and nagged subtly until Mum made him a sandwich. Then he squashed my head and I scratched him.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my twenty seven year old big brother and role model.

Lucy's barbeque was probably the most subdued 18th party ever. She and all her friends were knackered after the races, and everyone was gone by 9:30. This is not a bad thing; we had a great time and the barbie was a resounding success (ain't no sausage like a barbequed sausage), but it was funny watching Lucy have to be awake and entertaining people when her usual routine after being out all night is to sleep on the couch and growl at anyone who watches telly too loud.

Effing arseing bastard Back of doom update
The old lumbar vertabrae are feeling much better now. Much thanks and love for the kindness when it was bad, guys. It really does mean a lot. ♥

Kicked out update
Oh, by the way, I have a new flat!

... Weeeell, I say new, but...

Here's the thing: Turned out I didn't get the huge one in Glebe, and when we thought about it, the one I did get was sort of unsuitable - no carspace, no balcony, no internal laundry (I enjoy doing laundry. Laundrettes are not my thing), the kitchen was just one wall of the lounge room, the rent was a bit steep, etc. Separately, I could deal with a lot of those things, but together, it's a bit much. So, after finding little that was suitable in Glebe, we rang my old agent, and she offered me a place in my old building.

I did want a change, but it turns out all I will have to adapt to will be being two floors down and having a different coloured carpet.

It will be freshly carpeted and painted, but has no curtains or wardrobe, and there's a shower curtain instead of a screen (NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!). It does come with a washer and dryer though, so I won't have to rent them, and, presumably, this time the dryer won't be in the bedroom.

HOWEVER. One thing that is giving me pause: apparently, the carpet is brown. Now, it may turn out to be perfectly lovely, but, for now, I am disturbed. What on earth am I going to do with a brown carpet?! Nothing looks good with brown. My furniture looked so good with my old blue carpet. I don't know how I shall cope with the challenge of trying to put together a nice loungeroom with a brown carpet, of all things.

Excuse me while I let out a world-weary sigh.

Also, ow.

Feb. 13th, 2009 09:18 pm
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I'm typing this from my Grandma's place, and I've kind of got the shits.

My back is really bad at the moment. Hopefully writing it all out will help me cope a little. )
I just... I hate my back so much. Mostly I just want it to be better. I want to be normal and healthy. But I can't. And I'm the one that has to deal with that. It'd be nice if people considered that, once in a while.

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There is a smokey haze here. Last time that happened was during the Canberra bushfires a few years ago, and I remember being amazed then at how big the fires must have been for the smoke to travel 350kms. We're around seven hundred Ks from where the fires are now, and the smoke is so thick you can't even see the back paddock properly and the sky is completely white. I can't even imagine how bad it must be this time.

It's strange, hearing about a disaster happening far off and then waking to see the evidence all around you. Normally, this area seems completely immune to the rest of the world.

Mum and I went flat hunting over the weekend. Mostly in Glebe as there was nothing really suitable in Newtown, unfortunately.

We had a really nice time together, we always do on our Sydney trips. Saw a movie, went out to tea both nights, made elaborate plans trying to figure out how we could be at three flat inspections at once. Rushed about and flagged taxis and bitched about one of the agents. Wandered about Glebe on Friday night trying to find all the flats we were planning to see properly the next day, ended up at Blackwattle Bay looking over the water at eleven o'clock at night - people were out walking their dogs and babies even then. I was thwarted twice in my pursuit for a nice cold apple juice after flat hunting, and Mum was driven to sarcasm while trying to deal with the annoying agent. We hobbled around together with sore feet the next day when a mix up over movies (we sat in the cinema for half an hour, thinking our movie was late because of a blackout that had interrupted the ending of the film before it, before we realised we had been sold the wrong tickets and our movie had started twenty minutes ago) meant we had to wander around King Street. It was a nice trip.

On the flat search, I've been offered one fairly nice but very small place already, which is the backup in case we miss out on the absolutely amazing two story, two or three bedroom, old fashioned, well-lit, near the Point, catacomb-y and enormous flat above a shop that I really really want. The waiting to hear is going to kill me.

Speaking of killing me, worst air-sickness ever on Friday. Oh god, never going near a plane without medication during a heatwave again. Why oh why can't I be one of those lucky bastards who gets to spew when they feel crook? The world is a much better place after a good vomit.

For the way back we bought some medicated travel sickness stuff, which I've not had for a very long time, preferring instead to take ginger pills (despite the taste of ginger making me want to spew just as much and the sickness) so I could stay awake.

Dude. I had forgotten what it was like to be that stoned.

I have like a dozen things I want finish writing and post.

Was meant to ring Uni today. Bugger. Must do that tomorrow.

Which reminds me - rant time:

I effing hate the arts desk sometimes )

This post has a bit of a whiny, possibly self-centred tone because my back really hurts today.  :( 

And one of my wisdom teeth is really hurting.

And my knee hurts where it got all cut up after my motorbike gave up on me half way up the dam bank, rolled all the way back down, and then fell over on me.

Sympathy is encouraged and will be hoarded away gratefully so that I can look at it lovingly as I wallow in self pity.

Dexter's back on tonight! And GNW! And Media watch! And there's a Stephen Fry thing about his bipolar disorder! And the second series of Underbelly, which I never really cared about before but this one is set in the seventies and involves Matthew Newton! Matthew Newton! And it's South Park night!

And they're all on at the exact same time!

Welcome back, ratings season?
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*coughs* Um. Hello? Internet? Coo-ee! It's only me.

This, my dears, has been a very busy month. Have not seen f-list properly for some time, so HI! everyone, hope you are well.

So, for the record, stuff that has been happening here:

Various, work, Kicked Out Update, etc )

I got a hair cut!

It's all light and cute and when I curl it it looks so classy and old-fashioned. I FEEL SO PRETTY.
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1) I just had to withstand an argument with my sister because I won't lend her my license to take to the Warren races. She's under eighteen, it's my license, and it's illegal. I really don't think I'm being unreasonable here. I don't care if she borrows her friends' old licenses (which she's going to do anyway, so what does it matter anyway), but she should know better than to ask me. Right?

2) THE FROGS ARE OUT. And thus ends me leaving the house at night or going anywhere near the pond or dam with no shoes on. IhatethemIhatethemIhatethem ew ew ew.

Phobias are hard.

3) Studying for this cognitive psychology exam is possibly the dullest thing ever.

4) MY SISTER (on developing curves): Now that I've kinda gotten into a womanly growth thing...

5) According to my Nan, my sister, cousin, and I have all put on weight. She says this a lot, so I am used to it. Although, this time my Aunt added to me, "And you still have no boobs on ya!", which I disagree with - I just have no boobs compared to her.
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1) I don't think I've mentioned this on LJ yet (which is weird, because I haven't shutup about in in RL since I found out on Tuesday), but,

MY BROTHER IS HAVING TWIN BOYS!!  I'm going to have nephews!

These kids are going to be so ridiculously doted on - they're the first greatgrandkids in my Mum's family, and everyone's so excited that they can't stop buying things fo them. Also, not only do I get adorable little nephews (a lot of us had kinda wanted girls, but I had a baby dream a few nights before we found out their sex, about two boy toddlers having a water fight. Was possibly the single cutest thing my brain has ever produced. I am very okay with the idea of boys now), but I get to do observational twin studies!  (Yes, I am a bit of a geek, but whatevs. I like Developmental psych, alright?)

Eee, I can't wait!

2) A friend of mine whom I've known since preschool, and was the only other person in my year twelve class, rang me tonight. His girlfriend is pregnant. This was a shock. He's only a month and a half younger than me, and was such a pain in the arse in school. I can't even imagine him as a dad. Jeez. I mean, I can, but not so soon. I'm happy for him, he seems pleased enough, and, given what his own mother was like, he deserves a happy family now. But still, this is going to be very strange. He's nineteen.

3) My cousin's wife (on my Dad's side) is also pregnant again. This will be their third kid. That cousin's brother's girlfriend is also pregnant at the moment with their second daughter.

4) Last week and this coming week, we've been doing development in one of my psych courses (which means much talk of and videos about babies and toddlers). The lecturer, Marc de Rosnay, was also our first year emotion lecturer, and it was those lectures that first made me decide that I want kids. LIke, really really want them. In about a decade or so. And as much as I love his lectures now, adore babies to no end, and am thrilled at being an aunt, I'm still not in any hurry. But have decided would love to take Development next year if I can fit it in.

When it rains, it pours.

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I think I'm dying.

Not like really or anything, but you get the point. Headache. Have been sick all week, but still had to go to Uni (which I want to end so I can go home and sulk) and write two psych reports. Was horrible. Had it all under control and then sick and blergh and my brain wouldn't work and now my reports are both crap and I might lose ten whole marks from the first one because I only got it to the psych counter at two minutes past five which I could accept if the stupid fire alarm hadn't gone off in the library while I was trying to finish the damn thing and then I had to move to the Art History library which has no printer so I had to go back to the main library in the end anyway which I did and submitted it online before five so it should count as being in before five dammit. Will have to go to the psych desk tomorrow and ask about it all. Will talk to the course coordinator if I need to. Am sick, can get doctor's certificate, want leeway.

Also want home. With Mum and Dad and sister and cats. And dogs, because they love me blindly and sit on my feet, unlike the cats, who are just cute and make funny little meeping noises when they want something. Lonely. Tired. Sister visiting on Friday. Want her here now.

Have discovered that the televisual form of chocolate is Gilmore Girls.

Was in good mood after submitting today's assessment. Got steak for tea at a cafe, was very nice. Then saw Burn After Reading, which was great. Brad Pitt is an adorably ridiculous moron, and the CIA guys at the end are one of the best things on film ever. Have to learn that actor's name. Can't just call him Schillenger forever. Then walked home - is a pretty night but walking was probably where I went wrong. Meant I was tired when got here. Was feeling better, but am obviously not fully recovered. Saw email telling me first report received on Monday instead of Friday and appear to have had an emotional breakdown. Not just out of nowhere, have been stressed with few ups for too long.

Aaand have now just gotten off the phone after a nice sulk session with my Mum and feel much better. We talked about the holiday we're going to go on to Vanuatu or Daydream Island or New Caledonia. I am hoping for New Caledonia, it's beautiful and different and we have history there. Talking about New Caledonia lead to talking about our French/NC ancestry, which lead to us googling our French name. Which I am going to continue to do now while Gilmore Girls plays in the background.

Still have to go to the psych desk and do horrid negotiations tomorrow, but feel better anyway. Also! We'll know the gender of my brother's twins tomorrow! So I get to buy baby gifts!

It's amazing what a good cry at your mother can do to improve your disposition. I really didn't think I was capable of exclaimation points today.

I really need a break.
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First, and most importantly of all:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]kayloulee !!!  ♥ 

Hope you have a great day! You are absolutely awesome and ridiculous and wonderful and I loves ya to bits.  Am sorry I can't be there in person. Will recitfy it with my availibility of cake-making equiptment as soon as possible. :)

Next, an official anouncement: as it is finally mid-semester break, I am at home. Yaaay!

Got here yesterday evening, and have already completed two things off my "things I want to do in the holidays" list: riding my motorbike and doing sheepwork. When I pause in my typing I scratch my chest and little rolls of dirt come off. Sure proof that I have done some serious rough farm work.

Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll do the lying around on the lawn and chillin' wit my ma and sister items. With a good bit of tormenting the cats thrown in for good measure.

And last of all: the sister and I are going to her friend's eighteenth tonight, so cutting this short as I have to rush of and shower now. Bah.

Being at home means I probably won't be terribly active online much, so pardon my neglect (although, given the amount of avoiding the computer because of essays, and then again in the rush to get everything organised before break, it probably won't be too much of a change from the last month or so. XP). May all the Sydney Uni peeps on my flist have a great week off, and I'm going to shower before my sister starts screaming at me.


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