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You know what's wonderful?

When you find yourself inexplicably awake at some stupid hour, too tired to get up and go to bed and knowing you'll suffer for it tomorrow, TV on ABC3 in the background because they play music after the programing has ended for the day and you like the noise, even if you're not really listening to it - when suddenly you hear a familiar guitar riff, one that strikes deep down in your bones. And you realise that it's one of your favourite songs, by one of your favourite artists; one that so few people have even heard of, and a song that you're not even sure was ever released as a single.

And it's like the universe is sending you a little note. Here's a lullaby, kid, just for you. Isn't Tex the best? Now go to bed while you're happy and warm and full of love; everything is beautiful. You'll feel better in the morning.


(Not the best video, but here's the song)

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One sorf of awful thing, and one spectacularly good one.


Can now cross "have a car accident" off the to do list.

I'm fine, and car should be fixed within a couple of weeks, but it was the single most terrifying experience of my life and I never, ever want to go through something like that again.


Going to see the Cure at the Opera House next week.

Once that's done, and I've sat in the same room as Robert Smith, I can pretty much die happy.

In an almost constant state of omgomgomgomgomgomgomggmogmgomgomogmgomgomg.
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Wanna see the new COOLEST thing I have ever, will ever, and do ever own?

12" single, baby, oh yeah!

The A side has three different versions of U Can't Touch This, including, inexplicably, an instrumental version. Three U Can't Touch This-es! THREE! 

And the B side has the Funk Mix and the Funky Club (not Funky Club mix, just "Funky Club") version of Dance Machine. I have no idea what Dance Machine is, but ohsweethell am I looking forward to finding out.

Only $3 from Vinnies for this masterpiece of musical excellence, can you even believe it?


Mar. 25th, 2010 12:22 am
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I think I get Nick Cave now.

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So you know what's apparently a really amazingly effective way to put me in a really really really good mood and bursting with energy and love for life and stuff?

Listening to All I Need by Louden Swain really really loud, like, seven times in a row.

It's such a fucking awesome song. Look:

I just, I seriously, I fucking love this song. I love this song, I love this band, I fucking love Rob Benedict.

And not, like, for the whole, Real Ghostbusters, Chuck is suddenly a total badarse hitting ghosts with a mike stand thing that had the entire SPN audience and Becky like "Well helloooo", but like, seriously legitimately. I love this guy's voice. I love how he looks and the little grins and stuff too (rather a lot, to be honest), and love Chuck, but I really really dig Rob Benedict's voice. It's got all the little inflections and catches and textures that I really appreciate in a singer. I have total voice crush on this guy.

I miss my voice crushes, man. Life is better with voice crushes.

Anyway. The reason I needed to be put in a really really good mood: my Digital Video class. My group. Their ideas on what we should make our movie on.

Pretentious, wanky fucking student art film.

I don't like student art films, and I hate pretentious films. Fucking Michael Hanke can fucking suck it, the tosser.

So, tonight, out of pure spite and because I have to take the disc back tomorrow, I'm watching the new Fast and Furious movie, on blu-ray, on my brand new giant flat screen digital TV.

Hollywood trash with fast cars and guns and Vin muthafucking Diesel, bitches. Take that, "we want ambiguity and no dialogue or humour or character of any description" Digital Video group!

(FastandFuriousFastandFuriousFastandFuriousonblurayonareallybigscreenYAYyayyayI'msoexcitedFfffffffffffffffffI I love these movies they are terrible)

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'Kay, this is brutally cool and I can't get it out of my head today.

Go, watch, listen, download.  It's awesome.

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There's a reason this is my favourite song; Joni always says it right.
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Today was such a beautiful day. Even walking home just now, at night, it was warm and the air was fragrant. The trees outside my  flat and the jasmine down the road are all in flower, and with the brightness of the sun and seeing everyone in dresses and shorts, it feels so much like summer today. (But still cool and pleasant enough to be like the romanticised vision of summer, not the 40 degree days that most of my country NSW summers are characterised by.)

I just got home from a night out with Josee. The Dawn Collective - who Josee has recently fallen for, and whom I only remembered once we arrived that I'd seen play live about four years ago and I have one of their EPs - were playing at the Hopetown Hotel in Surry Hills. The music was good, and the atmosphere was good, and I love hanging out with Josee. We click. We're sort of set to the same speeds, and have a lot in common. It's a weird little pub, the Hopetown, but I like it. It's a good layout, and not too crowded. It was relaxed, and people were there for the music, not just the grog. Best of all, the pinball and game machines haven't been updated since the 90s. They had Time Crisis 1 and Street Fighter 2, as well both Indiana Jones and The Addams Familly pinball. Naaw.

I've actually not really been out to a pub or anything similar since living in Sydney. I go to resturants and shows with friends and especially when Mum's down, but not really to more active things like pubs or gigs with people my own age. Once or twice I've been at a pub with people for whatever reason, but never gone out to one properly, let alone really enjoyed it. Even at home, where I've been to the pub and clubs a lot more (though still not a lot), I haven't really been all that fussed with the whole thing. Which has never really bothered me - I just don't think I'm much of a 'night-out' kind of a person in most circumstances. But I liked this one. It ended early, was at a good place, I had company I didn't have to try to get on with, and it was all so easy. I even looked forward to it. I even wore a bit of eye make-up. It's fun, sometimes, to dress up and go somewhere new with someone you enjoy being with. I know I'm a little behind in experiencing these things, but I'm not bothered by that. I tend to get to things at my own pace, to wander in to things that suit after a few false starts, and I have Josee now to help me along.

I was going to do a big post, have a lot to say about a lot of things, but have run out of steam. Time for a bit of TV and then bed, I think.
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There are an awful lot of breathtakingly beautiful things in the world, some of which even appear on the internet. I've followed a few links to some utterly wonderful things recently, so I thought I'd collect and share.

This was originally linked by... [personal profile] colour_me_troll, I think, (it was during a period where I was mostly only glancing at my flist), and should be just sat and watched, in full screen, because honestly it's just -- breathtaking. Beautiful, amazing. I'd never heard of this type of art before. It's like instant animation. You watch a million pieces of art being made one after the other slowly revealing a narrative, piece by piece. Like a place located somewhere between traditional art and the new and always in motion form of film.

And [livejournal.com profile] glitterfairy25  linked this short film today. According to this site, it's all hand drawn, only planned on a computer, all on the same spot of concrete. I can't even imagine how much work it must have taken, given the extreme precision of the detail. It's quirky and creative and colourful, and completely incredible.

That post prompted [livejournal.com profile] irishmagik7  to reply with this. A very similar concept to the Coldplay video - both are stop motion - but executed quite differently (and I'm a little in love with this song). According to this site, 3225 stills were used to make up the clip. It's gentle, and whimsical, and sort of timeless. It's elegant and clean, and the actions it imitates are so simple, so basic, and the girl, with that hair and that costume - like she's walked straight out of a Renaissance painting, is as much a part if the art as the composition itself - it's all so beautiful and sort of otherworldly in its simplicity. And the little details that jump out, like how her hair moves over her face when she's underwater, but not when she's in the wind. And it fits the song perfectly.

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I got a letter from the arts music department today (I had Mum read it out to me over the phone as it was sent home not here).

My lecturer wanted to congratulate me on my great marks in Film Music, saying what a delight it is for lecturers to read good essays. He also wanted to remind me that art music has an honours program for its high acheiving students, should I be interested. I had the biggest, stupidest smile on my face while she was reading it. They think I'm a good student. *beams ever so slightly smugly*

I know it was probably sent out to all students in his course that got a distinction, and there's no way I can or would do music honours anyway (don't have room in my degree, have no interest in the technical aspects), but still I'm well chuffed. That's like, the best motivator ever.
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ATTENTION [livejournal.com profile] 3771 STOP






In other news/ attention everybody:



Gold Coast right after exams, and Melbourne in October (also September for Tex, obviously). Staying a a ridiculously fancy hotel! I love having a Mother who works in an industry that does conferences!

AND am going to see the HP movie soon with [livejournal.com profile] sommeille!!

AND Avenue Q with [livejournal.com profile] kayloulee!

AND my friend Josee is organising a giant singstar party!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESYESYES I LOVE MY LIFE

Also, this is a good start to my plan to be sure to do plenty of social stuff to prevent becoming pretty desperately lonely while I'm not at home. I love having friends.  :D


ATTN [livejournal.com profile] glitterfairy25: well? Were there monkeys?  XD

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Woodwinds are truly disgusting instruments. Spit everywhere.*

Also, my bottom lip is tingling slightly, and feels really large and tender. And two hours of straight playing with no water does give one a bit of headache.

But I do love my sax.

*Not as disgusting as trumpet and trombone players, though. Woodwinds end up with spit all through the instrument itself, and a bit over your fingers - all of which you have to clean up when you're done playing - whereas trumpets and trumbones let their spit out in puddles on the floor. The filthy beggers.
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*jumps around the flat like a loon*
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Had Rage on the telly, and I looked up and saw these dudes (that is, as they appear in the preview image you can see below, or from about thirty seconds into the actual clip).

My first thought: Hamish and Andy and the Spirit of Jazz rapping on a boat.

I quite love this idea.
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And I've done it again. Written twice as much as the word limit asks for. This is not good.

I blame Wes Anderson. It's impossible to talk about a Wes Anderson thing in only 1000 words. Didn't help that it was about Wes Anderson, with additional Seu Jorge, David Bowie, and Sigur Ros. You can't talk about Sigur Ros without explaining Sigur Ros.

Also, I didn't once mention Bill Murray, despite the fact that he makes the film, and is utterly incredible in it. I talked about Steve Zissou's face, but didn't mention that it was actually Bill Muray's face. But it's not supposed to be a review, so hopefully that doesn't matter. Had I more time and not those guidelines, I'd like to write about Bill Murray. He's amazing.

I have no idea how one cites music, and all the online guides are kinda useless. And why do they all assume people want to write about only classical music?

First essay of the year down. I'm rusty. Quite certain it amde very little coherent sense, and have completely forgotten how to cite without a guide to refer to.

Making up titles is especially hard when about to fall asleep on the keyboard. Giving the class till midnight to submit online has both its up and down sides.

I could have done a lot better had I started sooner, I think. Written a couple of drafts, one with both songs, one with just Life on Mars, and one with just Staralfur. That would have been better. But god I've had enough for now, and it's done and submitted, so. Wouldn't have been such a problem if I was actually capable of keeping to a word limit. Would have been done hours ago.

Everyone, watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou sometime. With the volume up high for maximum effect. It's a wonderful movie with great music.

I'm going to bed.

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So, on Saturday, went with [livejournal.com profile] highlyeccentricand [livejournal.com profile] kaylouleeto see [livejournal.com profile] phrasemuffinin Pirates, which was fantastic, and the P-Miff was great and so funny. We then went out to tea, where I found out that K is, without doubt, the single coolest person I know.

([livejournal.com profile] 3771, this is the part I wanted to tell you about)

See, she lives near, and has meet TEX PERKINS. More than that, he MCed the local trivia night, and when he read out a wrong answer, she went up and told him off.




I... words can't even. Just. TEX PERKINS. At a TRIVIA NIGHT. I flailed at her for a full five minutes when I found this out, and she just came out with it quite casually. "Tex Perkins? He's a bastard," she said.





I... *flails*

I know I said this the other night, but K I AM COMING TO VISIT YOU and so help me if there is a god I will see Tex Perkins at the pub or down the shops or something I don't even care what because I fecking worship that man and my mind is completely blown at the idea of him doing normal things like MCing trivia nights when in my head all he does is drink whiskey, sing, and somehow make larrikinism look swauve.

I can't even. I would die, if he came to my trivia night. Hell, I would die if he came to my city. I've almost died when he's popped onto my ipod or TV unexpectedly.

I, just, and, Tex Perkins.


Then, in what proved to be a night of much squee, Highly, K and I watched Merlin until quite late. I might be a bit in love with it now. Or, a lot. There was MAGIC and PRETTY and VICTOR MILDREW (which K and Highly didn't get so I will link something later explaining why that is such an epic deal) and PRETTY and FANTASY and ANACHRONISMS (watching it with Medievalists was neeat) and TERRIBLE EFFECTS and FUNNY and SO MUCH HOYAY and PRETTY and and and and *flails*.

Yep, I was quite taken with it, to be perfectly frank.

And now something that I found hilarious, but may not interest anyone else. )
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I kind of want to be her. Very possibly because she has what it probably the single coolest Disney song ever. Also because she's got attitude, yet is vulnerable and dynamic, and has a fantastic voice actress.

Everytime I hear that song I sing along. With actions. Which has made for some very funny walks to Uni listening to my iPod.

It makes me wish I was still involved in drama.

And that someone would put together a Disney/Hercules play, just so I could be her and do that song.

It would be awesome.

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1. I can't stop eating these Mars filled Pods things. I buy them thinking I'll ration them as treats, but then I just munch on them constantly. I have no self control. Damn seductive caramel.

2. I have to get seriously working on my Games and Simulation assessment. I am making a text adventure game. It is set in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. There are Oopa Loompas. It is a group project and we've got it quite nicely planned out. All I have to do is start coding my part. IT WILL BE EASY AND FUN BUT I AM STILL PUTTING IT OFF. WHY DO I DO THIS???

Dear Brain,
                    Can we please stop with the anxiety? It will be very difficult for me to pass my courses if a great whopping wall of terror is erected every time I contemplate doing an assessment. I actually really enjoyed the last essay I wrote, you know. And do you remember all that pride when I handed it in on time? Wasn't that nice? Don't you want that again? Come on, kiddo, let's get adjusting. That's how you're supposed to work.

3. My flat needs vacuuming, I could make up a load of washing, and there are clothes flung everywhere. Clean up day soon, YAY! 
I loves domestic chores. They makes me feel real. And it's nice to see the floor. I have such a nice floor.

4. So, last night (as well as having a lovely night out with a friend at Circular Quay for a birthday dinner) I actually met someone from fandom in real life! Am not the only insane HP slash fangirl in Australia! Look, look, I have proof! Muhaha!! And I have made a new LJ friend! Hiiiii!! *waves enthusicastically* Will do proper greetings and exchanging of recs etc when I have taken care of point 2.  Must... do... uniwork. It-will-be-fun, dammit!

5. Have to cook tonight. I refuse to have toast or cereal for tea and I've run out of left overs. Which means I have to wash pots. Curses.

6. My god this album. It's amazing. It flows and crashes and screams and whimpers and settles and brakes and falls and lifts and it's impossible not to go with it. He has the most honest voice - more like speaking than singing, and all the while trying not to fall to pieces, filled with cracks and strange little screams - and the most sweet, exposed, and devastatingly lovely lyrics. ('The world's got me dizzy again/ you'd think after twenty-two years I'd be used to the spin,'  'It's not something I would recommend, but it is one way to live,'  'This is the first day of my life,/ Glad I didn't die before I met you.' ) 

The songs - lyrics and music - are so beautifully complex, even the deceptively quiet ones. There is a real simplicity to what he sings about, he doesn't romanticise, but sings about things at a very basic level, creating such honesty. It's like, he's describing things as they are, as they actually feel, but somehow it sounds so breathtaking. And the music cascades in from nothing, crashes down and sweeps through or is so silent you forget it's there, you can only focus on his voice. That sort of honesty and reality is so rare and precious.  It's impossible not to be affected. 

The closest thing I can think to compare it to is The Cure - Robert Smith has that same stuttering honesty in his voice, and that same childishness and wonder in his lyrics, and that same cascading lushesness in some of his music. In fact, the stereo is set so that Disintegration is the next album to play after Bright Eyes finishes. 'Plain Song' is a perfect way to follow up I'm Wide Awake..., it too, never fails to be stunning.

7. I'm always pinning after my pets, wishing I could take them with me to Sydney. I am acquainted with all the neighbourhood cats, and am sure to say hello when I pass them. So my mummy made me a cat so I wouldn't be lonely.

I love my Mum.

I had a moment the other morning, lying in bed, just about to wake up. I thought to myself, it's feels like I've barely seen anyone (my family) the past few days. Will have to spend some time wth them today. But then I opened my eyes and remembered. I actually hadn't seen them for the past few days at all, because Easter was over and I was back at uni again. I felt so dissapointed. I really wanted to see them. But then I woke up, and got on with things, and laughed at how easilly I'd gotten mixed up. 

I'm fine, really I am. But it's hard sometimes, getting used to not having them around. That morning, filled with sleep, I really missed them. Sometimes I just really want for them. 

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