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So anyway, I pretty much hate my job.  Not like in a My life is miserable I weep over the steering wheel every morning, kind of way, but more a sort of, Oh my god I hate filling the fucking coke fridge. What the fucking hell, have you people never heard of TAPS, jesus. And what the what, BP, how are we still using fecking DOS, are you even aware of the 21st century? kind of way. It's not awful and not all that strenuous, and the pay is good, but it's crappy and unstimulating, and the slushie machines are noisy as hell.

HOWEVER. There is one thing I kinda love about it.

One of my jobs, the actual formal name for it is "Facing and Filling" the shelves and fridges. It's basically putting out stock (filling), and making sure it's all at the front of the shelf/fridge with the label facing forward (facing).

So, um, it might happen that, uh, while walking back to the counter after turning all the cokes around, I might, occasionally, maybe, sort of, um, do this: 


Also, election happened. FIFTEEN HOUR FREAKING DAY, my god, but I actually enjoyed it. Even if my throat was killing me after asking 400 people's names, addresses, if they've voted so far in this election, no, in THIS election. With THESE candidates. Today or in the last few weeks. LOL. The answer I want to hear is no. Awesome. Here're your ballots, this is what you do with them. 

The moral is: people. For seriously. Be kind to your polling officials. That certified list is bloody huge.

But you know the really amazing thing is how many people in the world are named Francis.


My beloved car has reached the stage where bits are literally falling off  when I touch them, and my speedo is completely beyond saving. But on the other hand I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER~~~  \o/   Or, will do, on Monday. I beautiful new desktop with a massive 21 INCH SCREEN I CAN'T EVEN that's powerful enough to handle my ridiculously expensive video and image editing software. I am so in love with it, seriously. Expect many comments on old posts when I finally get it, because I doubt I'll ever want to leave it and will finally be able to catch up on all the internet I've missed lately for whatever reason.

Speaking of, HELLO BBS HOW ARE YOU I'VE MISSED YOOOUUUUUU SFM, MY GOD. I'm still sort of everywhere, but can't wait to get this new computer going and actually, you know, participate on this LJ thing with all you wonderful people again. <3

Oh hang on, one last thing: Have I mentioned that I'm going to Brisbane to chill with mah peeps? BECAUSE YEAH, I'M GOING TO FREAKING BRISBANE(!!!!) TO CHILL WITH MY BEAUTIFUL, BADARSE FREAKING PEEPS(!!!!), JSYK (\O/)

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Okay so I just accidently watched the second half of Clueless, and oh my god I love this movie!

I, just, there are bits of my venacular I didn't even remember stealing from this movie, and I still remember Cher's lessons every time I like a boy, or even in other situations. She is just, like, amazing, and completely burned into my head.

And, I mean, this didn't come from her but going to the mall as a pick-me-up? Hello, my entire life. In fact, hello how I spent today and ended up with the DVD.

And oh my god Josh. Is there anyone in the world who didn't have a massive crush on Josh?

I just, I can't even believe how much I love this movie.

Also, today I accidently bought six dvds. Dude shut up they were all heaps cheap and before I caught the plague I spent a whole week working so I'm totally allowed. I also bought some art supplies, three pairs of stockings (purple, grey, and some biege fishnets) and two pairs of responsible shoes for job interviews and stuff (they are also really cute and so cheap - I love K Mart).

I love wandering around in department stores. It just instantly makes me feel awesome. Nothing makes me feel so good about the world and myself as wandering around in department stores.

So anyway, my new dvds:

1 - Clueless, obviously, which I actually had to hunt down in the little book/dvd shop next to the shopping centre that sorts in alphabetical oder of actor's name because I've been after it for months and it's suddenly dissapeared from every shop in Sydney except some place on King St that expected me to pay $25 (which, uh, no)

2, 3, & 4 - Dragonball Evolution, Fast and Furious (no definite articles for us, baby, hells no), and Where the Wild Things Are, because Video Ezy was doing a three for $30 ex-rental sale and my life is INCOMPLETE without Fast and Furious and the Dragonball movie.

5 - The Secret of Nimh, because I haven't seen it in forever, I love Don Bluth, it was $8 and by that point I was pretty much just buying things.

6 - The Glenn Miller Story... Actually that one is for my Grandma. But it involves Jimmy Stewart so I'll probably watch it with her.

I wanted to get Bran Nue Dae for my Ma, but couldn't find a copy anywhere. Two copies of the sing along edition, which my mum would not like, but none of just the film. Which is weird - it only just came out. It was everywhere a couple of weeks ago.

I tossed up getting Avatar ex-rental, but decided to just wait and fork out for blu ray when I find it cheap enough. So much of why I loved that movie was the visuals, so it makes sense to go up in quality for it.

Seeing as though this post is basically just babble and I over-exerted myself today so am bloody tired, I don't know how to end, so, um, bye!

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1) I am sick.

Nothing hugely serious, just unpleasant. Started getting sick on Saturday, when had a sore throat for the wedding, then woke up Sunday with the whole set. Because of this, stayed at home until Tuesday instead of flying back to Sydney Sunday. Thank god or that. Not only do I always prefer being at home, but last night was awful. I'd have hated to be alone for it.

My doctor has diagnosed it as Viral infection affecting upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal (which means tummy), dehydration.

2) I know what my doctor has diagnosed it as, because I have begun the process of applying for extensions on the three essays I'm currently working on.

Got a week for Silent to Sound already (yay I love art history!), will probably just have to ask for an extra week or so for Modes of Viewing (yay again for art history), but goodness knows how much Science will give me for Abnormal Psych (boo hiss to science and pyschology for their damn bureaucracy). I'm hoping at least a week, because there's no way I'll have it anywhere near done by Friday.

3) Have three essays to write.  :(

Getting there though.


Seeing Tex Perkins with [profile] 3771 on Friday night (OMGOMGOMGOMGTEEEEXXX), then probably having a look at the city or gallery of Victoria or something with my cousin on Saturday. I've never really been to Melbourne before (breif stop-over on the way to and from Tasmania with a school group), and this time I'm going to see TEX! OMG I AM SO EXCITED. Also, I'll be crashing on my cousin's couch in his derro sharehouse. That's one more uni-student experience box I can tick off! If I get fleas it'll be double points!

I WILL be well enough for Melbourne. Then I will come home and finish these essays on time.

5) I'm sure there are other things I could say but my brain appears to have shut down for the day.

Oh look Austin Powers.


Jun. 18th, 2009 12:58 am
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What is with the phrase "head shrinking" when talking about psychologists/psychiatrists? Where does that come from?

Things, non-chronologically:

The last week or so, for the record. Essays and exams. A baffled ranty thing. Nephews. )

However, I am looking forward to trying to sound academic while discussing Satan singing about wanting to take over the world so that he can go on gay cruises.

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There is a smokey haze here. Last time that happened was during the Canberra bushfires a few years ago, and I remember being amazed then at how big the fires must have been for the smoke to travel 350kms. We're around seven hundred Ks from where the fires are now, and the smoke is so thick you can't even see the back paddock properly and the sky is completely white. I can't even imagine how bad it must be this time.

It's strange, hearing about a disaster happening far off and then waking to see the evidence all around you. Normally, this area seems completely immune to the rest of the world.

Mum and I went flat hunting over the weekend. Mostly in Glebe as there was nothing really suitable in Newtown, unfortunately.

We had a really nice time together, we always do on our Sydney trips. Saw a movie, went out to tea both nights, made elaborate plans trying to figure out how we could be at three flat inspections at once. Rushed about and flagged taxis and bitched about one of the agents. Wandered about Glebe on Friday night trying to find all the flats we were planning to see properly the next day, ended up at Blackwattle Bay looking over the water at eleven o'clock at night - people were out walking their dogs and babies even then. I was thwarted twice in my pursuit for a nice cold apple juice after flat hunting, and Mum was driven to sarcasm while trying to deal with the annoying agent. We hobbled around together with sore feet the next day when a mix up over movies (we sat in the cinema for half an hour, thinking our movie was late because of a blackout that had interrupted the ending of the film before it, before we realised we had been sold the wrong tickets and our movie had started twenty minutes ago) meant we had to wander around King Street. It was a nice trip.

On the flat search, I've been offered one fairly nice but very small place already, which is the backup in case we miss out on the absolutely amazing two story, two or three bedroom, old fashioned, well-lit, near the Point, catacomb-y and enormous flat above a shop that I really really want. The waiting to hear is going to kill me.

Speaking of killing me, worst air-sickness ever on Friday. Oh god, never going near a plane without medication during a heatwave again. Why oh why can't I be one of those lucky bastards who gets to spew when they feel crook? The world is a much better place after a good vomit.

For the way back we bought some medicated travel sickness stuff, which I've not had for a very long time, preferring instead to take ginger pills (despite the taste of ginger making me want to spew just as much and the sickness) so I could stay awake.

Dude. I had forgotten what it was like to be that stoned.

I have like a dozen things I want finish writing and post.

Was meant to ring Uni today. Bugger. Must do that tomorrow.

Which reminds me - rant time:

I effing hate the arts desk sometimes )

This post has a bit of a whiny, possibly self-centred tone because my back really hurts today.  :( 

And one of my wisdom teeth is really hurting.

And my knee hurts where it got all cut up after my motorbike gave up on me half way up the dam bank, rolled all the way back down, and then fell over on me.

Sympathy is encouraged and will be hoarded away gratefully so that I can look at it lovingly as I wallow in self pity.

Dexter's back on tonight! And GNW! And Media watch! And there's a Stephen Fry thing about his bipolar disorder! And the second series of Underbelly, which I never really cared about before but this one is set in the seventies and involves Matthew Newton! Matthew Newton! And it's South Park night!

And they're all on at the exact same time!

Welcome back, ratings season?
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Tomorrow, Mum, Lucy, Grandma and I leave for Sydney, and then the next day we fly to New Caledonia. YAY!

We are all very excited. Grandma was packed and ready two days ago. (This bit of news did not surprise me in the least.)

Lucy and I decided months ago that we were going on holiday. We planned to organise it ourselves but then realised we'd need Mum for logistic reasons. Also, we love Mum. When we decided on New Caledonia we had to invite G'ma because that's where her grandfather was born and we knew she'd love to go. Also, we love Grandma. So this holiday is a lot different from the roadtrip to the coast somewhere that Lucy and I first thought of, but we're not complaining. We'd only have fought over the music in the car the whole trip, and I think she had some notion that we would sleep in swags by the side of the road each night, which would not have ended well.

Although, Lucy might be complaining tomorrow, seeing as though she went out tonight and will probably not enjoy six hours in a car with a headache, but well, this is the price she has to pay for having a social life. Silly girl. Mum and I had a very pleasant evening in watching telly, I'll have you know. No sir, we didn't need any loud noise and vodka. In my day you had to walk fifteen miles in the snow just to get to the vodka. And it was frozen when we got there! We had real alcopops in those days. And our music was twice as loud! WE ALL WENT DEAF BACK THEN; PROPER PARTYING, WE DID.

Damn kids.

BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT. The point is, New Caledonia, for a week. Pretty pacific island! (One of the several) land(s) of my (many various) ancestors! Where people speak French (we are all rubbish at French and are hopeless with the phrasebook we bought)! Where there are the proper pretty type of beaches and quiet spots to read, and possibly even pools with no frogs in them! WAH-HEY!!

Lucy and I were on a diet to prepare (not that she ever gains weight. Damn her!) - you know, the diet where you don't actually eat any less, but preface every bit of junkfood with "I'm supposed to be on a diet you know." It didn't really achieve much (people kept giving us chocolates for Christmas), so we have decided we will do some exercising on the holiday itself and lose weight that way.

We leave our house at 10am, and it is now 1:03am. I maaaay not quite be finished packing at this point. And my bed miiiight be covered in clothes. And possibly has no sheets on it. I have showered already though, so I consider myself ahead.

At this point I have run out of this to say. I hope there are no frogs there. And I hope that when I look out at the sea there, I get that effect where you can actually feel how big the ocean is, feel that it's not just something that hangs about the edges of land, but that it really does go on forever and the land is just sitting in a tiny part of it. And I hope we find Grandma's family. Or at the very least that she enjoys hearing his accent again, feels at home there.  

So g'bye all, see you in a bit over a week. Oh, and happy New Year! 

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*coughs* Um. Hello? Internet? Coo-ee! It's only me.

This, my dears, has been a very busy month. Have not seen f-list properly for some time, so HI! everyone, hope you are well.

So, for the record, stuff that has been happening here:

Various, work, Kicked Out Update, etc )

I got a hair cut!

It's all light and cute and when I curl it it looks so classy and old-fashioned. I FEEL SO PRETTY.
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 I am so tired. Uni is killing me. It's only Wednesday and already I want to curl up and nap until Easter. Just have to get used to getting up at the same time every morning and doing a lot of walking, I guess. My body needs to adjust. Hope it doesn't take long; it's really hard to work when I can hardly stay awake. So hard to concerntrate and to think. Not even paying much attention to what I'm writing now. 

Have I mentioned that I have synesthesia? Letters, words, numbers and some sounds and scents have colour and shape to me. Everything is just wired tightly in my head, there are many people that have it to some degree. It feels the most natural thing in the world to me, but to people who don't have it it is a very strange concept. To me it's only strange to think people have different colours. Like 2 being red. That just doesn't work for me, it feels all wrong. I have a lot of trouble trying to picture it, and feel almost physically ill trying to. It is simply wrong.

Energy is running low, lifting fingers to hit keys all a bit much. Going to get up and make some banana and custard for tea while still can. Uuuuurrr, still have to have a shower yet. Tomorrow can sleep in a bit longer in the morning, that'll help. Really can't wait until Friday and sleep and no interpersonal interaction.
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Me, coming in from the bathroom:    "Aww, the house smells like mangoes! "   (after we had had mangoes earlier)

Mum:   "That's funny, because Lucy was just saying it smells like witchetty grubs."

Also, may it be entered onto the record that GODDAMN IT, CAT, I JUST LET YOU IN!!!

The other night we had a scheduled blackout at 10:30, Mum & I planned a night of games by candle light. At about 10:15 we were getting ready, with me occasionally chiming in with, "quick, woman! Only seven more minutes of light!". When we were ready, Mum raised her arms triumpantly, "We, are, PREPARED!" she declared.Right then, the lights went out.
She then proceded to beat me 2/3 in Cluedo. But I totally topped her in terms of dramatics. (Mum: "I accuse you, Mrs Peacock, of taking the lead pipe from wherever it was kept, and useing it to DROWN all the plants in the conservatory!"   Me: "I snapped!! It was those damn gazanias, they - just- wouldn't- flower!!" followed by wretched sobbing.)

Am going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Have no idea what to get anyone. Damn them all, they just do it to spite me. 
Am going to buy self a flashy christmas badge. I loves Christmas.


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