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Hey, peeps who know more about technical internet dohickeys than me,

I'm starting to get pretty frigging sick of these weight-loss ads on LJ. They're everywhere, despite the fact that nothing on my ad customisation page even remotely relates what they're selling in any way. What's the go with these ad blocker aps and are there any that are good for Internet Explorer?

ETA: You know what? Fuck you, LJ. I'm a girl, and young, so obviously I must be completely insecure with my body, stupid, and desperate, and thus deeply interested in weight loss ads. Fuck. You. Never mind that I kindly did tick several boxes about the types of ads I would NOT object to seeing back when I first joined, and none of them have anything to do with health or even fashion or anything else that can be tangentially related to body image. I was annoyed enough when it was just unappealing photos showing up over and over again.* FUCK. YOU.

*When I first saw the ads, I actually thought, oh cool, they didn't photoshop her stretchmarks or anything, which I still like, but I just don't want to see dank photos of mid drifts or people in undies all the damn time, okay? 

ETA 2: Just tried switching my gender setting from female to unspecified, and they're still there. So, LJ, I retract my feminist rage a little, I guess, but not my fuck you.

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So tonight's the concert for damn stupid SUESS (Sydney Uni Ecclectic Singing Society, which my friend started, and roped me into joining, despite the fact that I really am not a choir person, and tend to get ragey).

I know this is horendously late notice, but you are, of course, all invited. Given how terrible a mood SUESS tends to put me in, it'd be nice to see some people that I don't associate with wanting to hit things, so not only are you invited, you'd be very very welcome. Moral support is nice. It's in the big room at Old Darlington School, at 7:30.

Putting aside my weird rage issues for the moment, I'm a bit hesitant about this thing. My back can't really take standing still and trying to reach high notes at the same time, so that makes things hard and painful, and means that my friend the conductor gives me "smile, damn you! and hold your folder properly!" looks, while all I can manage is small grimaces of pain with one hand holding my lower back in a vain attempt at providing some support. And the having to wear certain clothes just puts me in mind of school band, which leads to some very unpleasant memories (our school band teacher was a dreadful bitch, and sucked the joy out of everything she touched. Also, she was bad at the whole, actually teaching kids to play and read music thing). And, because I missed three weeks due to sickness and essays, and because I have no access to sheetmusic, I'm not doing a solo, which leads to inferiority issues, and, ugh. I really don't want to go.

Waaaaaaaaah, I'm calling my Mum to whinge.

ETA: Okay, bitching on the phone to your Mum and sister does wonders for being pissed off. I'm in a good mood now, so yay!

And I look fecking hot in black, yo. And slacks? Actually make my bum look good. hells yeah.
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And this week they're doing Big Screen Buddies; "a celebration of mateship", Bert said.

And amongst the Ben Afflect & Mat Damons, Bill & Teds, Shrek & Donkies, etc, they have Jack and Ennis.


Seriously, what?

They have When Harry met Sally too (which has to be an excuse to play that bloody cafe scene again. I am so sick of that frigging scene), but the friendship phase of their relationship lasted most of the entire film. Jack and Ennis are an on-screen couple, as in, engaged in a romantic and sexual relationship for the majority of the film. It's a very masculine relationship, with much in common with a regular blokey friendship ON THE SURFACE, and not at all the traditional big-screen romance, but, come on, buddies? Brokeback Mountain is not a buddy film! The whole point of the film was the repression of feelings and the stiffling nature of their time and place and society. It's about the inability to show emotion, the difficulties of individuality, about how place can mould who you are so thoroughly that the very idea of exhibiting any sign of anything out of the ordinary is terrifying. It also works as a metaphor for the problems still faced by people, especially men, including gay men, today.

If they were talking about the short story, maybe, I could see where scenes like the singing and drinking until the early hours might make a strong impression of a friendship forming. The book is certainly more clear than the film in terms of relationship development. But that scene is followed by the line, Ennis... thought he'd never had such a good time, felt he could paw the white out of the moon, which is honestly one of the most heartwrenching and tender lines I've ever encountered (Annie Proulx is full of those lines, those little moments that are so simple but so exquisite and that just hit so hard). There is an element of friendship there, borne from two very lonely people finding mutal acceptance, but at a very basic level, it's still a love story. And not a bromance.

Expect ETAs when they actually get to discussing the film on air.

ETA: WHY ARE THEY PLAYING SNOW PATROL over the second tent scene?? Can we just... get over using Chasing Cars? Please? Surely it's been done enough for a while.

But that's not the point.

Look. 20 to 1. They do, as you say, "pose as fishing buddies", and they do indeed speak to one another at times more as mates than as typical romcom lovers, and yes, it is a film about male relationships, which, while not madatory with friendship and buddy duo films, is a big part of it. But. There are layers. There's a lot more going on in addition to, and underneath, the friendship.

Even the audiences are different. It's not a movie like Starsky and Hutch or Lord of the Rings that people are going to go see with their mates for a heart-warming laugh or a rollicking adventure. It wasn't even a film about two peole overcoming their differences to form a bond of mutal respect and affection. It's not even a friendship overcoming the odds, or driving over a cliff together.

Genres. I think there's where we're not agreeing. You have a thing on your list that is, I think, not like the others. It's nice that you're working with a broader definition of "buddy movie", and acknowledging a range of types of friendship, but, this one being there just makes me think you were watching a different film to me.

RELATED: How did I never notice the epic gay of Sam and Frodo before? I suppose anything can seem a bit subtexty with Nothing Compares 2 U playing over top, but nonetheless those were some pretty damn longing looks.

My subtext-dar is so weird sometimes. I mean, I only even noticed the massive, massive ho-yay in Smallville after it was pointed out to me.

OH! OH! THELMA AND LOUSIE IN NUMBER ONE FTW! But good lord, how many times have they played the Brad Pitt clips on this show, already.

By the way, thanks for the hugs and the kindness on my last post, guys. ♥ *hugs you all back* It means a lot. I've not replied yet as I'm taking a bit of a break from the net. I've been letting things get on top of me a bit, so have been spending time relaxing by cooking, getting my work organised, and playing my Sony and things. Will be back properly soon, when I feel a bit calmer.

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Look. If I've never met you, then we probably aren't friends, and so I'm not going to accept your friend request. Especially if you don't even have the courtesy to introduce yourself. Even if we have mutual friends, it's not going to happen. If you can't be arsed to say how you know me and why you think I should friend a complete stranger, then piss off. Even something like, "I'm a friend of Lucy's, she's mentioned you before and I thought you sounded cool" would be enough. I don't even care if you ignore me after that point - given that I don't like facebook and rarely spend any time with it, I probably won't even notice. If you don't do this, I'm going to assume you've added me just because you want to up your numbers, and I hate people who do that.

If I have met you, but we disliked each other, or didn't interact with each other, then this too implies that we are not friends, and so, once again, I'm not going to accept your request. Especially, once again, if you can't be arsed to say hi. If I didn't like you or hang out with you in school, I'm probably not going to want to do so now, especially given that we live in different towns, and so have even less in common and less actual motivation to get on then we did before. If you do add me, knowing full well that we never were friends and will probably never grow to be so, I'm going to assume you've done so just because you want to up your numbers, or because you don't understand the basic definition of the word "friends", or that you have no understanding of personal boundaries, and, once again, I hate people like that.

If we were really good friends in kindergarden, I'll add you back. If you were in my class for a couple of months in year eleven and we never really spoke or clicked, I won't.

If you are a friend of my sister's and introduce yourself or she's told me about you, I'll add you back. If you were in her year and a collosal cow to her, but not openly bitchy to me, I won't.

If we've only met breifly once or twice, but those meetings were pleasant, I'll add you back. If I knew you for years and we never really liked each other, I'll wonder what the hell is wrong with you, but possibly add you back if I have no active animosity towards you. Note the "possibly". If I knew you for  years and we barely spoke, I won't bother. If I knew you for years and only ever saw you behaving like a complete jackass to me and others, I won't.

If you've never met me and don't introduce yourself, I'll either ignore you or message you asking how you know me. Here's a tip on that one by the way; replying with, "we don't [know each other], but we could chat on facebook chat, if you like...", is pretty much a sure fire way to guarantee that I'll ignore you in the future. Especially if you live in another freaking country. I don't have facebook because I want to meet new people, I have it for the sake of the people I already know, and you going through the profiles of people who bare no connection to you whatsoever, and who don't even share many interests with you, is freaking creepy. You want someone to chat to, go to an actual chatroom. Or, if you do want to chat with a complete stranger, at least introduce yourself properly.

In short, don't "friend" me unless we are, in some very loose sense of the word, actual frigging friends.

Furthermore, manners matter, even online, and manners involve telling me who the hell you are before you presume to insinuate yourself into my friends list. My friending criteria actually isn't that strict: one nicely worded message or any tiny bit of positive regard in the past twenty years will probably get you in. I don't think either of these things are unreasonably illogical or overly demanding. 

And if you just want a big friends list, then feck off and get some bloody perspective, you shallow, moronic little twit.

Thankyou, and goodnight.

PS., Also, I hate facebook. Just, like, in general.


May. 6th, 2009 05:16 pm
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Oh my god, you guys. I am so sick of talking to Telstra. I just hate them so much, you guys, seriously. So much.

All I want is my internet connection back on. I just had to talk to six different people, all of them bastards, and I was rude to the recording guy, and I like the recording guy, and I still have to wait til Monday.

I hate Telstra so, so much.

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See this? This clip right here? While it is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, it is also exactly how I feel about my computer at the moment.


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Dear Faculty of Arts,

I hate you.



ETA: Greater Western Area Health Service, on the other hand:

I love you. That was the easiest phonecall of my life.

Affectionately yours,

PS., Don't ever change.
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 Dear Inform7 game writing software thing,

You are everything that's wrong with computers.

This project was supposed to be fun and easy, but you are an arsehole who is completely impossible to work with. Please die. For the good of all future students who wander into the Games and Simulation unit as a part of their film sudies degree. We don't need that sort of crap. 

I hate you. 

And no, that's not english you claim to be speaking. If it were, you might make some semblance of SENSE. 

Die. Before my head explodes.

You dumb bastard.

I am going to make my tutors rethink giving this assessment to future classes (Not that they'll listen), that'll show you. Or better yet, you could DIE IN A FIRE and save me the trouble.

You stupid, stupid, plonker



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