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So. Uh. I appear to have just written Harry Potter fanfiction on my cousin's facebook wall. Because apparently that's the sort of thing I do now.

My Cousin: 
lol here's a random thought: Ron Weasley had a crush on Madame Rosmerta, the barmaid of the Three Broomsticks. Isn't it a little creepy that he and Hermione named their daughter Rose?

No? ok then :P

My reply (for some reason):

“You know what, Ron? Fine. Fine. We’ll name our daughter after the fit barmaid from Honeydukes-” Ron let out a drunken whoop, “- and the next one can be named after a ridiculous crush of *mine*. How does that sound?”

“Perfect,” Ron said, and Hermione let out a frustrated groan and left him to it.

By the time Hugo was on the way, Ron had pretty much forgotten about that night. When people asked about the name they’d picked, he cheerfully told them it was just one that they both happened to really like.  

Hermione let him think that. She was having a wonderful pregnancy; she finally had time to sit through all 9000 hours of Lord of the Rings DVD extras and the Matrix Trilogy Ultimate Collection had just been released on Blu Ray.

All was well.

(I blame the 2600 words of completely self indulgent and ridiculous Shadow of the Templar fic I stayed up till 2am writing last night, tbh)  
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Today, after a big day of uni, I went into the city to buy some Hitchcock DVDs from JB Hi-Fi. One of them was Rope, my favourite film from last semester, and a just all around amazing movie. Not so well known as some of his others, but so, so good.

So, just now, while going through my uni bag, I see the DVDs in there, and decide to take a closer look at the cases. I pull out Rope first. I smile. I look closely. I notice the weird font. I notice the picture of Jimmy Stewart. I have a bit of a giggle at how incredibly subtext-y the picture of David dying is. I notice the sticker in the top left hand corner with a picture of Alan Jones and informing me that he recommends this movie.

I explode into laughter.

Alan Jones. Has a recommends series.

And it wasn't just stuck to the plastic, either, it's on the case itself. I mea-- I don't even, like, why? What does Alan Jones have to do with anything? And, I mean, I never even hear anything about him except when he's said something crazy or incredibly offensive. It's a lovely picture of the man, but I honestly don't care about Alan Jones's taste in movies. This is the strangest marketing strategy.

Also, come to think of it, isn't Alan Jones massively homophobic? To the point where many people think he's rather in denial? Yet he's recommending a film that contains extremely obvious and unignorable homoerotic subtext that Hitch thought was so integral to the piece that he worked it in despite the restrictions of the hyper-conservative Hayes Code.

I'm sort of tossing up whether or not to remove the sticker. On the one hand, I want my Hitchcock all nice and sleak and unsullied, but on the other, the thing is hilarious.

I actually went to JB because I wanted both Rope and Vertigo, and I wasn't sure I'd get them both anywhere closer. I wanted Rope because I love it, and Vertigo because I'm so in love with Hitchcock in general right now, and I'm presenting and writing on it for Modes of Viewing this semester and want to watch it this weekend. Both star James Stewart, who is qucikly becoming a favourite actor of mine. But I'll talk about that another time. Possibly at length.

So, I went shopping for my two highly thought of, brilliant pieces of classical cinema, directed by one of the most famous, influential, brilliant directors in cinematic history. So sophisticated are my tastes! So impressed anyone seeing me with them must have been! However, Vertigo being on a 'buy 2 get 1 free!' shelf, I also left with Spiderman 3 and The Fast and the Furious.

I think that's much more impressive really.

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half of the people who read this will have no idea what I'm talking about, and the other half probably won't care.

But still I must gloat.


(shut up, I like playing with HTML)

Yes, my family are sports traitors. We go for our home town and school sports houses in local things, but in normal NRL, we go for the Brisbane Broncos; Origin, QLD; Australia vs New Zealand in anything, NZ; Australia vs anyone else in cricket, Union, or League, the other guys.

... I really don't know why. The Broncos have been a consistently decent team for quite some time now (and have had some legendary players - Lockyer, for example, and my sister used to worship Gorden Tallis with far more devotion than anyone she's worshiped since. And I'm pretty sure my Dad is both awed and besotted by Alfie Langer. He even made him sign the gernsey I was wearing when we saw him at a game a few years ago), so that makes sense. And Dad has this thing about Australian teams, especially in cricket, being smug arseholes, but the extended family supports QLD too, and Dad doesn't wield that much influence, surely, so I don't know the source of that. I like to think that we are just contrary. Rebels. Running against the grain of society. Y'know.

We cool.

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The other night, Law & Order: SVU informed me that 'stfu' means 'Shut The eFf Up'.
I had totally been working under the assuption that it meant 'stuff you'.

Seriously, I thought that for years. (And I totally prefer it; telling people to shut the eff up without adequate provocation kinda makes you an overly agressive arsehole, but a shortened form of stuff you is at least a bit funny)

And now I have discovered that 'MTE' means 'My Thoughts Exactly'.

Really, it should have occured to me sooner that the internet isn't full of people who agree to things by saying 'MATE'.

Also, I love it when my default icon is vaguely relevant to the actual content of my posts/comments.

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So, dudes, I know 20 to 1 is hardly an adequate scientific forum or anything, but. Tonight, they're doing "Hollywood's Hottest Hunks" or something, and Zac Efron is in it. So ha! Validation! And oh god he really has turned out quite nicely hasn't he. lksznvalknv ohgoodnessgrasciousme is that STUBBLE I see?

Also, BRANDO. I am very glad to see that Brando is involved, but, if he's not in the top five there is something seriously wrong with the people making these lists.

Because BRANDO.

He was a complete psycho, but oh god he was awesome.

ETA: Y HELO THAR, MICHAEL DOUGLAS at number 16. How is it that his accent is so much cooler than everyone else's? Possibly it has to do with how very cool he is. Oh yeah.

ETA again: Tom Cruise? Really? I will never get that. Even before the crazy, he's... not hot.
Although his role in Tropic Thunder was teh shiz.

Wait, now Richard Gere? Are you freaking kidding me? Ugh.

ETA the third: I don't really get Denzel Washington either. Maybe he's more appealing to people who have seen more of his films? Bruce Willis however, totally. Especially circa Moonlighting.

Heh, Johnny Depp is only at ten? Even straight men dig Johnny Depp. Or, at least, one of my favourite quotes of all time is from the tvtropes Even the Guys Want Him article, in which one straight man was recorded as having said of him, the only reason to kick him out of bed is to f-ck him on the floor.

ETA Brando at last: number nine. I can live with this. And there was Streetcar footage. As there should be. But that... American gossip guy who seems to work for chnnel nine now, what's his name? Whatever. If he could never do the STELLLAAAAHH thing again I would be very happy about that. Especially not in the same few seconds as seeing Brando's definitive version.

ETA once more: James Dean. Number 2. Good. I adore James Dean

But wait. Hugh Jackman at one? No. What the hell. And why was he the only Aussie on it anyway?

Also, by the way, I now have internets again. Will start catching up sometime after pretending to watch Madmen because it's far cooler than everyone knowing that I'll be spending most of the next hour flicking back to channel nine so I can whinge at 20 to 1.

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And I've done it again. Written twice as much as the word limit asks for. This is not good.

I blame Wes Anderson. It's impossible to talk about a Wes Anderson thing in only 1000 words. Didn't help that it was about Wes Anderson, with additional Seu Jorge, David Bowie, and Sigur Ros. You can't talk about Sigur Ros without explaining Sigur Ros.

Also, I didn't once mention Bill Murray, despite the fact that he makes the film, and is utterly incredible in it. I talked about Steve Zissou's face, but didn't mention that it was actually Bill Muray's face. But it's not supposed to be a review, so hopefully that doesn't matter. Had I more time and not those guidelines, I'd like to write about Bill Murray. He's amazing.

I have no idea how one cites music, and all the online guides are kinda useless. And why do they all assume people want to write about only classical music?

First essay of the year down. I'm rusty. Quite certain it amde very little coherent sense, and have completely forgotten how to cite without a guide to refer to.

Making up titles is especially hard when about to fall asleep on the keyboard. Giving the class till midnight to submit online has both its up and down sides.

I could have done a lot better had I started sooner, I think. Written a couple of drafts, one with both songs, one with just Life on Mars, and one with just Staralfur. That would have been better. But god I've had enough for now, and it's done and submitted, so. Wouldn't have been such a problem if I was actually capable of keeping to a word limit. Would have been done hours ago.

Everyone, watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou sometime. With the volume up high for maximum effect. It's a wonderful movie with great music.

I'm going to bed.

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So, you guys know how Nurofen Plus says on the back of the box  that you shouldn't take it for more than three days without first talking to your doctor?

Yeah, um, believe it.

Because the horrible ache in your mouth after having a wisdom tooth pulled? Probably just as bad if not better than getting the shakes and nausea and collapsing in a chair crying at everything from too much codine and ibuprofen.

Turns out panadol or normal nurofen work just as well - minus the ick - if you remember to buy them.

(Don't even ask me how I didn't already know this, okay. I'm not... Wonder Woman.) 

(Also this is why any comments I've made in the last few days have either been non-existent or made absolutely no sense. I'm not even sure about this post, to be honest)

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I realise that, given how large a proportion of my flist are into Potter slash, a lot of you have probably already seen this, but I was just going through the videos on my iPod, and, really, this is something EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER should see BECAUSE OMG THE WRONG. THE BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT WRONG.


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I can't find my fan heater. What the? How on Earth do you lose a heater?
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Uuuuuuuuugh. I feel crook. Why do I suck so much at moderation?

Also, on a less vomit-related note; living in a suburb with three second-hand book shops within a five minute walk? Bliss.

... I'll be over there. Curled up in a little ball. Groaning. With my new old books and my teddy.  
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At church on Christmas eve...

Father P: "And Joseph too went up from Galilee from the town of Nazareth to Judea, to the city of David that is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and family of David, to be enrolled with Mary, his betrothed, who was with child."

Me: Jeez, that's a bit rough. Pregnant before marrying the bloke, wouldn't think that was acceptable in those days, and from the
"Holy Family" no less --  

Can you tell I only go once a year? 


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