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Reeeeeeeeeally what to see what these apparently fake but amazing SPN spoilers are but am worried that they'll turn out to be true or still somehow spoil the episode for me regardless. ARAGH WHAT TO DOOOO

In other news I've been catching bits of misfits the last few fridays and it seems really good. Need to see if the dvd shop has it.

Watched Tennant's last DW episode on tv again today and OH GOD so many feelings. An assembly line of every DW character I ever loved marched out to break my heart a million times in the span of 15 minutes.


But! I've decided I'm going to make the best of it, consciously make the effort to be more confident and calm, and make the little changes needed to make the artroom run better with me as the principle user, regardless of how my half-mad boss has done things for the past 35 years. Still shitting myself but gonna try, and at least I get a bit more money each week. :/

OH OH AND: MY PASSPORT CAME TODAYYYYYYYY! EUROPE IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING YESSSSSSS. And it's a shiney new passport design with pictures all through it so if I get homesick I can just look at it and go OH GUMTREES AND EMUS IT'S LIKE I NEVER LEFT.

Wrote a thing for the local paper today. the old movie theatre facade is being restored in town, so I wrote a thing about some of my favourite really old movies. Gosh it felt great to be writing about film again; I really need to get this blog thing happening.


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Am watching Ocean's 11.

Have re-named friend's page accordingly.*

And, honestly, I could just watch Clooney and Pitt forever. The timing, and the suave, and the banter - oh the banter! And look, I'll just say it, the voices and the hot. I mean it's Brad freaking PITT for god's sake. Why are they not in every movie. There should be a law. I mean god.

With extra points given for including Casey Affleck and that other guy in comedic support. Because lol Mexico.

*srsly, check it out.

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Okay so I just accidently watched the second half of Clueless, and oh my god I love this movie!

I, just, there are bits of my venacular I didn't even remember stealing from this movie, and I still remember Cher's lessons every time I like a boy, or even in other situations. She is just, like, amazing, and completely burned into my head.

And, I mean, this didn't come from her but going to the mall as a pick-me-up? Hello, my entire life. In fact, hello how I spent today and ended up with the DVD.

And oh my god Josh. Is there anyone in the world who didn't have a massive crush on Josh?

I just, I can't even believe how much I love this movie.

Also, today I accidently bought six dvds. Dude shut up they were all heaps cheap and before I caught the plague I spent a whole week working so I'm totally allowed. I also bought some art supplies, three pairs of stockings (purple, grey, and some biege fishnets) and two pairs of responsible shoes for job interviews and stuff (they are also really cute and so cheap - I love K Mart).

I love wandering around in department stores. It just instantly makes me feel awesome. Nothing makes me feel so good about the world and myself as wandering around in department stores.

So anyway, my new dvds:

1 - Clueless, obviously, which I actually had to hunt down in the little book/dvd shop next to the shopping centre that sorts in alphabetical oder of actor's name because I've been after it for months and it's suddenly dissapeared from every shop in Sydney except some place on King St that expected me to pay $25 (which, uh, no)

2, 3, & 4 - Dragonball Evolution, Fast and Furious (no definite articles for us, baby, hells no), and Where the Wild Things Are, because Video Ezy was doing a three for $30 ex-rental sale and my life is INCOMPLETE without Fast and Furious and the Dragonball movie.

5 - The Secret of Nimh, because I haven't seen it in forever, I love Don Bluth, it was $8 and by that point I was pretty much just buying things.

6 - The Glenn Miller Story... Actually that one is for my Grandma. But it involves Jimmy Stewart so I'll probably watch it with her.

I wanted to get Bran Nue Dae for my Ma, but couldn't find a copy anywhere. Two copies of the sing along edition, which my mum would not like, but none of just the film. Which is weird - it only just came out. It was everywhere a couple of weeks ago.

I tossed up getting Avatar ex-rental, but decided to just wait and fork out for blu ray when I find it cheap enough. So much of why I loved that movie was the visuals, so it makes sense to go up in quality for it.

Seeing as though this post is basically just babble and I over-exerted myself today so am bloody tired, I don't know how to end, so, um, bye!

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Nah, stuff answering the questions. I just wanna write about The Boys, forever.

This movie, this fucking movie.

So intense, and amazing and, fucking

David Wenham, jesus, his eyes don't change, the whole way, he's so, removed, but he's running everything, and.  But his voice, he knows how he's using his voice. He sounds like a normal person, nags and frets and jokes, but his face, his eyes, they never change, never show you anything. He's terrifying. And you can see it, the other characters, they all know, they're all frightened of him, but no one will ever say.

The rage, and the tension, and the silence, it's terrifying - you know, and the characters know, something's going to happen. You oughta chain them up, Michelle says. And the whole way, you can see them busting out. Getting worse, stewing. Then exploding. They fucking, they want to attack everything, tear something apart.

And the camera, and the angles. When Brett hugs Nola - that's not a normal place for the camera to sit, cutting their heads out like that. Because there's something else going on here, Brett's doing something here. And around corners and through doorways, handheld, shaking and sneaking and peaking up and capturing things that you're not supposed to see. You're not supposed to see into a household like this, into these dynamics, not supposed to see into a mind like Brett's - not that he ever really lets you, those dead eyes, you never see anything past those dead eyes. But you see how he's working, how he's manipularting . Psychpath, and all this anger he has, all this resentment. Why didn't ya's come to visit me? - he hates threm all, drags them all down with him.

We're all gods in our own world. And these are the worlds that we've made. - not that the world's made him, not that he's a product of his society, but he's done this, he wants it, he's making control. You fuckin' do it to them, he says, Only one way out.

Jesus, this movie. Australian film is capable of such awesome things. Because of that voice, this accent we have, there's so much you can put into that voice, so much rage, so much humour, so much, fucking, anything, because that accent is so unadorned, can be so terrifying because there's nothing romantic about it in this setting. Poetic sometimes, but not romantic. It's a voice that knows things, that grits down deep and drags things up. We don't talk about things in words, we show them through image and sounds and look. We stealth around the issue, reveal it and revel in it but never talk about it. That's for wusses and Americans, talking about things. We fucking do it. Fucking feelings, no fucking way. We'll fester and joke and mull, and tear things apart, and we and you'll never quite know why.

Because there's so much going on under the surface, always unarticulated, but acted upon, both subtley and explosively. And always that voice, that accent, rough as guts.

Jesus, this movie.

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From this month's Filmink:

"I've got a fancy suit and $20 Payless shoes." Sam Worthington keeps it real on the Oscars red carpet.

Payless shoes! On the red carpet! With all the wanky designer dresses and "who are you wearing?" stupiditiy!

I love this bloke. I can't even believe he keeps getting such big roles in all these massive Hollywood blockbusters; he's so bloody normal. And you can hear his accent in everything! It cracks me up. He's still such a brickie, it's like he's fooling everyone. Like he's the Steven Bradbury of acting or something.

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So you know what's apparently a really amazingly effective way to put me in a really really really good mood and bursting with energy and love for life and stuff?

Listening to All I Need by Louden Swain really really loud, like, seven times in a row.

It's such a fucking awesome song. Look:

I just, I seriously, I fucking love this song. I love this song, I love this band, I fucking love Rob Benedict.

And not, like, for the whole, Real Ghostbusters, Chuck is suddenly a total badarse hitting ghosts with a mike stand thing that had the entire SPN audience and Becky like "Well helloooo", but like, seriously legitimately. I love this guy's voice. I love how he looks and the little grins and stuff too (rather a lot, to be honest), and love Chuck, but I really really dig Rob Benedict's voice. It's got all the little inflections and catches and textures that I really appreciate in a singer. I have total voice crush on this guy.

I miss my voice crushes, man. Life is better with voice crushes.

Anyway. The reason I needed to be put in a really really good mood: my Digital Video class. My group. Their ideas on what we should make our movie on.

Pretentious, wanky fucking student art film.

I don't like student art films, and I hate pretentious films. Fucking Michael Hanke can fucking suck it, the tosser.

So, tonight, out of pure spite and because I have to take the disc back tomorrow, I'm watching the new Fast and Furious movie, on blu-ray, on my brand new giant flat screen digital TV.

Hollywood trash with fast cars and guns and Vin muthafucking Diesel, bitches. Take that, "we want ambiguity and no dialogue or humour or character of any description" Digital Video group!

(FastandFuriousFastandFuriousFastandFuriousonblurayonareallybigscreenYAYyayyayI'msoexcitedFfffffffffffffffffI I love these movies they are terrible)

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Desktop computer is back from the fixer place, virus free and working! No longer am I dependent on a very bad wireless signal that drops out too regularly for me to do anything with a page once it finally opens! Huzzah!

Watched 17 Again again tonight. Lucy gave me the DVD for christmas (as demanded), and I squealed mightily when I opened it.

Seriously. I think it's probably one of my favourite movies ever. I am not even exaggerating. I love it so much, I want to run away with it to a distant island and make tiaras out of flowers for it and write poetry for it, and serenade it with Bust a Move on my ukalale while the sun sets over the sea in the distance.

Have decided that the full title should be something like Why You Are completely In Love With Zac Efron (Even If You May Not Yet Know It). Because goddammit, he is awesome.

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I am considering changing my name. MacGuffin I'll be, Stella MacGuffin.

It'll be great. Everyone will think I'm so important. Like, "Fantastic, Stella MacGuffin's here! Now this thing's really rolling." There will be a big fuss and everyone will get all excited, and it'll only be when the whole thing's over in a big mess that some particularly astute and sensitive observer will begin to suspect that in fact throughout the whole thing I was not, at any point, any help at all. That in fact I may actually have vanished completely some time in the middle there when everyone else was distracted, on a train headed for Monaco. But no one will care about that, because I'm Stella MacGuffin, and before the nice casino people can question where the money went, I'll have already moved on to my next amazing, talk-of-the-season, no-one-can-lose project.

Yeah, that's the way to be. Become a MacGuffin.

You'll be loved and admired, the centre of attention always and the inspiration and motivation of all you encounter. An eternal mystery, always desirable, allusive by definition. No one ever remembering you long enough to catch on to the reality of how incompetent and insignificant you really are.

Yeah, man, the ultimate free ride.
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I went to see Where the Wild Things Are after my exam* today.

It made me cry. Was that the idea? )


*Thank god it's over, I seriously nearly killed myself studying for the damn thing. If I don't pass this course I may actually die, or just throw away the facade of dignity and email my lecturer in tears and beg.

In related news, if anyone has any burning questions about abnormal psychology - including diagnostic criteria, specific disorders, and treatments - now is the time to ask me. Because chances are this info ain't staying around in my head much longer.

**Tips for people wanting to watch the movie and not wanting be shaken up by it:
- Don't be tired and thoroughly intellectually drained
- Don't have just done something really stressful and be looking for a fun bit of light relief
- Don't still be emotionally fragile from the loss of a loved one
- Don't be a massive sook

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I need to start using "Yippee-ki-yay, muthafucka" in conversation.

And, you know the whole "Alan Rickman is hot" thing? I mean, I love the joke and have always supported the sentiment, because he kicks arse and has a fantastic voice and is a bloody legend and all, but I personally have never found Alan Rickman all that physically attractive, really.

However. Twenty years ago and German? Dude, Alan Rickman was friggin hot.

As was Bruce Willis (minus the German), but I already knew that.

Also? Best. Movie. Ever. The construction of awesome, man; spectacle cinema at its best.

Really puts me in the mood to watch Hot Fuzz.

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2. We watched Jaws in class yesterday. My god is that a fantastic movie. I had no idea.

It was odd though, I was sitting there, really tense and all in to it and stuff, but at the same time I just had Samuel L Jackson in the back of my head screaming about having HAD IT WITH THIS MUTHAFUCKING SHARK ON THIS MUTHAFUCKING BOAT.

I also couldn't believe they didn't bring any dynamite. If there's one thing The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou taught me about shark hunting, it's that it's best done with dynamite.

The lecture and tutorial that followed were all about the massive effect Jaws had on Hollywood and the development of the blockbuster - a term that was actually coined because of Jaws, as the lines to see it wound around the block. There are some theorists that blame Spielberg and George Lucas for ruining film forever by turning it into a product of mass culture. In the sixties and early seventies, independent and art films were big, and were produced by auteur directors allowed to take risks and have full creative control. Then Jaws and Star Wars came along, and were so massive and so built on archetype, and had merchandise tie-ins and sequels, and since then the studio is more important than the director, and Hollywood's been all about the simplistic and lowest common denominator entertainment and the explosions and making as much money as possible. God it was interesting. Although, I do wonder how those theorists addressed the fact that the artist has been oppressed by the studios in Hollywood since before talkies, and that the conflict between art and product is a constant.

Also, it's given me an awesome thesis idea.

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I will never understand why the ABC keeps slotting in this Star Stories crap between series of the good shows on Wednesdays. Seriously, it's mindblowingly terrible. And it makes me sad to know that the kid from Muppet Treasure Island has become so... skeevy. Know what, bugger this. I'm gonna run up to the street and get some chewy (it's an addiction, you guys, seriously) before Tara starts. brb. *leaves*

*turns on TV*
Perfect timing!
*blows bubble*

So hi. Got the Abnormal Psych essay in today, ON TIME. It wasn't actually finished, but I've been having so much despair with this thing hanging over my head I was not going to spend another day with the damn thing, so printed it at 4:52 and ran - actually ran, which I'm technically not supposed to do because I could, like, lose the feeling in my legs or something - it to the psych building. When I got there they'd pulled the roller door down already, and I almost freaking SOBBED. Went around the corner to the staff entrance and caught them leaving, because damn it, my phone said it was 4:57 and I fecking ran for this freaking essay. They were very nice, and accepted it. Thank god.

This was going to be a big entry about a lot of random little things, but turned into bitching about Sydney Uni Psych, loving Sydney Uni Art History & Film, comparing the three, and talking about my academic and career plans )

The plan, such as it stands at the moment, is to spread the remaining four units of study I have left on my degree over two semesters next year, while hopefully getting a job vaguely related to film in some way (or getting an unrelated job and volunteering at film festivals), and doing short courses at AFTRS (the Australian Fillm, TV, and Radio School) to build a portfolio and study cinematography/ directing/ art direction there properly the year after I do honours here. Which means three more years in Sydney, which is bad, but there isn't a lot of choice when it comes to learning film making - it's pretty much a capital cities thing, I think. Although I may take a year off after honours, stay in the Central West working some little retail job, or working at one of the ABC's regional offices. A foot in the door is a foot in the door in the Australian film industry, no matter how small the door, or which side of the house it's on.

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(melbourne update to come later)

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Blades of Glory is on the telly.

I honestly don't see how this movie can end in any other way than Will Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite sleeping together.

And not just because of the whole "the worlds first male/male figure skating team" thing. Or even the Aerosmith.

Also, I appear to now find Will Ferrell funy.

Am hugely confused by this.

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Today, after a big day of uni, I went into the city to buy some Hitchcock DVDs from JB Hi-Fi. One of them was Rope, my favourite film from last semester, and a just all around amazing movie. Not so well known as some of his others, but so, so good.

So, just now, while going through my uni bag, I see the DVDs in there, and decide to take a closer look at the cases. I pull out Rope first. I smile. I look closely. I notice the weird font. I notice the picture of Jimmy Stewart. I have a bit of a giggle at how incredibly subtext-y the picture of David dying is. I notice the sticker in the top left hand corner with a picture of Alan Jones and informing me that he recommends this movie.

I explode into laughter.

Alan Jones. Has a recommends series.

And it wasn't just stuck to the plastic, either, it's on the case itself. I mea-- I don't even, like, why? What does Alan Jones have to do with anything? And, I mean, I never even hear anything about him except when he's said something crazy or incredibly offensive. It's a lovely picture of the man, but I honestly don't care about Alan Jones's taste in movies. This is the strangest marketing strategy.

Also, come to think of it, isn't Alan Jones massively homophobic? To the point where many people think he's rather in denial? Yet he's recommending a film that contains extremely obvious and unignorable homoerotic subtext that Hitch thought was so integral to the piece that he worked it in despite the restrictions of the hyper-conservative Hayes Code.

I'm sort of tossing up whether or not to remove the sticker. On the one hand, I want my Hitchcock all nice and sleak and unsullied, but on the other, the thing is hilarious.

I actually went to JB because I wanted both Rope and Vertigo, and I wasn't sure I'd get them both anywhere closer. I wanted Rope because I love it, and Vertigo because I'm so in love with Hitchcock in general right now, and I'm presenting and writing on it for Modes of Viewing this semester and want to watch it this weekend. Both star James Stewart, who is qucikly becoming a favourite actor of mine. But I'll talk about that another time. Possibly at length.

So, I went shopping for my two highly thought of, brilliant pieces of classical cinema, directed by one of the most famous, influential, brilliant directors in cinematic history. So sophisticated are my tastes! So impressed anyone seeing me with them must have been! However, Vertigo being on a 'buy 2 get 1 free!' shelf, I also left with Spiderman 3 and The Fast and the Furious.

I think that's much more impressive really.

Stella's Ridiculous Adventures in Giantwooliesland )

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There are an awful lot of breathtakingly beautiful things in the world, some of which even appear on the internet. I've followed a few links to some utterly wonderful things recently, so I thought I'd collect and share.

This was originally linked by... [personal profile] colour_me_troll, I think, (it was during a period where I was mostly only glancing at my flist), and should be just sat and watched, in full screen, because honestly it's just -- breathtaking. Beautiful, amazing. I'd never heard of this type of art before. It's like instant animation. You watch a million pieces of art being made one after the other slowly revealing a narrative, piece by piece. Like a place located somewhere between traditional art and the new and always in motion form of film.

And [livejournal.com profile] glitterfairy25  linked this short film today. According to this site, it's all hand drawn, only planned on a computer, all on the same spot of concrete. I can't even imagine how much work it must have taken, given the extreme precision of the detail. It's quirky and creative and colourful, and completely incredible.

That post prompted [livejournal.com profile] irishmagik7  to reply with this. A very similar concept to the Coldplay video - both are stop motion - but executed quite differently (and I'm a little in love with this song). According to this site, 3225 stills were used to make up the clip. It's gentle, and whimsical, and sort of timeless. It's elegant and clean, and the actions it imitates are so simple, so basic, and the girl, with that hair and that costume - like she's walked straight out of a Renaissance painting, is as much a part if the art as the composition itself - it's all so beautiful and sort of otherworldly in its simplicity. And the little details that jump out, like how her hair moves over her face when she's underwater, but not when she's in the wind. And it fits the song perfectly.

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Wait, Michael Haneke directed The Piano Teacher as well?

I am so not surprised.

Fecking Michael Haneke.

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First of all, context: I can't stop watching Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick. Very funny, very well observed, occasionally fantastically brutal reviews of old(ish - from the eighties and nineties, mostly) kids tv shows and movies. Most of the texts they look at are legitimately terrible - though often in profoundly creative ways - but some are still quite lovable; especially if, like me, you were just slightly too young to tell the difference between shite and awesome when they first came out.

I'm particularly fond of the Chick's look at Bowie's amazing package Labyrinth, the joint review of Fern Gully (I still love the movie, though, nonsensical environmentalist propaganda that it may be), and That Guy's inquisition into Titanic - an animated musical (which should be watched even if you, like pretty much everyone in the world, have never heard of the movie. Which is... terrible. Beyond all reason. So bad it's somehow sort of beautiful). In fact, anything that has That Guy gaping in disbelief or exploding into a frothing rage (ie., most things he reviews) is pretty ace.

80s/90s kid's entertainment with yelling, sarcasm, criticism, liberal use of intertextuality, and cameos from guns and puppies. Essentially, I'm in love.

There are two things that have appeared in my watchings that I particularly want to share. One of which induced epic squee and will probably only be understood by me, and the other... is... well.

1)Concerning Star Trek: Next Gen, and Gargoyles (the best show ever) )

1.5 - AKA, the seque) The dude who played Geordi La Forge on Next Gen did the voice over for the intro to Captain Planet.

2) Captain Planet did an AIDS episode. (8:45 mins in)

Yes, that's right: AIDS.  )

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Have submitted the South Park essay. Took a little longer than planned because of sickness and stress, but I think it turned out okay. Again, over the word limit. Hopefully now will start waking up in the morning without "Uncle Fucka" in my head (for one thing, "Uncle Fucka" isn't even my favourite SP song. Although, Brain Boitano gets old after a while too).

I titled it "In War You're Shat Upon", and am only now realising that my lecturer might not get the connection with that. The word "fuck" featured five times. It's ridiculous how amused by this I am.

SO, am kicking around in Sydney until next Monday with nothing to do but an exam Friday morning, which I plan to stagger study for, leaving me with a nice relaxed week. I'm going to try to see a few movies, if anyone wants to join. Definitely Samson and Delilah, possibly My Year Without Sex and the new Transformers (because the first one was surprisingly good), or possibly something else entirely.

I'm sort of toying with the idea of going to Supernova. But... I don't know, the website isn't terribly helpful. What actually happens at these things? I do know there'll be geeky things to buy, and I do like buying things. Thoughts, anyone?

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"Ah, this stick is on fire!"

"Well, I'm sorry Wendy, but I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die. "

"Fucking Windows 98!"

"Sing the fucking song!!"

"Horrific, deplorable violence is okay, so long as people don't say any naughty words."

"I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings
I've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings

Goddammit I love this movie.

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