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1) My cousin Jim. His band had to play a song at their school's open day today. They were supposed to play a Christian rock song that they know and have rehersed, but instead they made up a song on the spot, none of them playing their normal instruments. It still sounded like Christian rock, but with beatboxing. The lyrics were:



I love that kid.









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Lucy and her boyfriend are going to Thailand for a holiday next year.

Dad's advice to them: Just don't go into any clubs.

Mum: Why not?

Dad: Some mad terrorist said the other day there that Australia's gonna be the next target.

Mum: ... But not in Thailand.
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MAJOR achievement today.

Had a go at the Target puzzle in today's Herald (the one with three rows of three letters, in which you have to make as many 4+ letter words as you can, all using the centre letter). The target was: 18 words, good; 27 very good; 36 excellent, and I - that is, me, who is rubbish at puzzles where you have to recall things - got twenty one words! I got twenty one words in the Herald Target puzzle! Including the one nine letter word (mitigated)!

I've never gotten anywhere near the targets before! I am so proud of myself it's ridiculous.  :D

Very busy around here lately. 


Have decided to make my living washing cars )


Lamb marking )


Bonfires and BABIES )


Today was Nan's birthday, so I went out to visit her. )

The desktop computer has been struck by a virus, so will be having a go at removing that tomorrow. Am writing this from my laptop in the loungeroom, via Mum's wireless thingy, which is really only good for times when you want to stay on one page for extended periods of time without clicking anything.

My uncle Steven gave me a dozen eggs from up his mum and dad's place today while I was out there, so will have to do some cooking this week. Nan gave me a bag of lemons today too, and none of us eat lemons (I told Nan this, but there is no deterring my Nan in these matters), so will endeavor to cook something that involves both lemons and eggs. I have no idea what.

To anyone who I owe a reply to, I'll get back to you tomorrow. Was going to do so tonight (since I've been cut off the last few days, what with sudden virus attacks and going to bed early so as to not disturb babies, and being knackered, and wireless being slow and laptops being temperamental), but this post has took a lot more time than planned, and now I really need to go to the loo, and have thoroughly run out of steam and am going to bed. 


Jun. 18th, 2009 12:58 am
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What is with the phrase "head shrinking" when talking about psychologists/psychiatrists? Where does that come from?

Things, non-chronologically:

The last week or so, for the record. Essays and exams. A baffled ranty thing. Nephews. )

However, I am looking forward to trying to sound academic while discussing Satan singing about wanting to take over the world so that he can go on gay cruises.

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half of the people who read this will have no idea what I'm talking about, and the other half probably won't care.

But still I must gloat.


(shut up, I like playing with HTML)

Yes, my family are sports traitors. We go for our home town and school sports houses in local things, but in normal NRL, we go for the Brisbane Broncos; Origin, QLD; Australia vs New Zealand in anything, NZ; Australia vs anyone else in cricket, Union, or League, the other guys.

... I really don't know why. The Broncos have been a consistently decent team for quite some time now (and have had some legendary players - Lockyer, for example, and my sister used to worship Gorden Tallis with far more devotion than anyone she's worshiped since. And I'm pretty sure my Dad is both awed and besotted by Alfie Langer. He even made him sign the gernsey I was wearing when we saw him at a game a few years ago), so that makes sense. And Dad has this thing about Australian teams, especially in cricket, being smug arseholes, but the extended family supports QLD too, and Dad doesn't wield that much influence, surely, so I don't know the source of that. I like to think that we are just contrary. Rebels. Running against the grain of society. Y'know.

We cool.

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So, on Saturday, went with [livejournal.com profile] highlyeccentricand [livejournal.com profile] kaylouleeto see [livejournal.com profile] phrasemuffinin Pirates, which was fantastic, and the P-Miff was great and so funny. We then went out to tea, where I found out that K is, without doubt, the single coolest person I know.

([livejournal.com profile] 3771, this is the part I wanted to tell you about)

See, she lives near, and has meet TEX PERKINS. More than that, he MCed the local trivia night, and when he read out a wrong answer, she went up and told him off.




I... words can't even. Just. TEX PERKINS. At a TRIVIA NIGHT. I flailed at her for a full five minutes when I found this out, and she just came out with it quite casually. "Tex Perkins? He's a bastard," she said.





I... *flails*

I know I said this the other night, but K I AM COMING TO VISIT YOU and so help me if there is a god I will see Tex Perkins at the pub or down the shops or something I don't even care what because I fecking worship that man and my mind is completely blown at the idea of him doing normal things like MCing trivia nights when in my head all he does is drink whiskey, sing, and somehow make larrikinism look swauve.

I can't even. I would die, if he came to my trivia night. Hell, I would die if he came to my city. I've almost died when he's popped onto my ipod or TV unexpectedly.

I, just, and, Tex Perkins.


Then, in what proved to be a night of much squee, Highly, K and I watched Merlin until quite late. I might be a bit in love with it now. Or, a lot. There was MAGIC and PRETTY and VICTOR MILDREW (which K and Highly didn't get so I will link something later explaining why that is such an epic deal) and PRETTY and FANTASY and ANACHRONISMS (watching it with Medievalists was neeat) and TERRIBLE EFFECTS and FUNNY and SO MUCH HOYAY and PRETTY and and and and *flails*.

Yep, I was quite taken with it, to be perfectly frank.

And now something that I found hilarious, but may not interest anyone else. )
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Mum and Dad just left. I'm at uni, doing jobs. Now I'm back in this awful city all by myself. I don't even have an internet connection to keep me distracted.

I don't like being upset and lonely, especially on my birthday.

I need to get back to the flat and distract myself, I think.
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Arg, I'm drinking milo and it's just all floated up to the top, the bastard! Why I felt the need to have milo at ten to twelve at night is beyond me, by the way. Especially after having had three lamingtons and a slice of chocolate cake already today.

Anyway. Have been terribly neglectful of the flist lately, am very sorry to say. So: Hi, all! How's things? Hope you are all well.  :)

Valentines Day
Got my first ever Valentines gift on Saturday: they were selling roses at B-bong races, and Lucy bought me one. I love my sister. She's such a goose sometimes. My only Valentines card ever was also from her a few years ago. She made it herself with a bit of paper and a set of connect-a-pens.

B-bong Races
Speaking of the races - won $11 in the first race! A little gray mare that surged forward in the last few seconds to make a beautiful win. In the second race, my horse ran last, for god's sake, it's not like I have cash to burn here - and in the third, it came second. Second. Gambling is hard, man. I don't think it's for me - I don't like not knowing which horse will win, which is probably a bit of an issue.

The Joyes of Fashion
Mum ended up coming to the races in the end, so did Grandma, Uncle J, and Cousin J2. Lucy and co. were also there, with Cousin M and Cousin L. I was terribly proud of our collective race fashions. For example, Grandma was sporting a very fetching bright orange rain poncho that blew excitingly in the wind, and Lucy's friend S, a large bodied young lady, was wearing a tiny pink coconut bikini over her shirt. When asked about her attire, S replied, "they barely even cover me nipples!"

AKA, The Rat
Cousin L is thirteen and looked stunning, damn her. M and I told her it was ridiculous. We didn't look that good at thirteen and she jolly well shouldn't either. She should be fat and dumpy with acne and ill-fitted clothing, not fantastically dressed with great hair, walking so naturally in heels you'd think she was born in them.

L is wonderful. She's the youngest girl in that side of the family, so we've sort of molded her in our image. She's like a mixture of the best parts of me, Lucy, M, and Cousin A. So, essentially, she is insane, hilarious, confident, into footy, enjoys confusing people, tough, loves a good faux stalk, can fangirl with the best of them, has a large range of exaggerated and extremely silly facial expressions for every situation, is a complete camera whore and total poser, has seen some of the best movies and weird English comedies around, and has a love of clothes and other pretty things that would intimidate lesser men. And she worships the four of us blindly.

One day we will use her to take over the world, somehow. Muha.

Uh, Stream of Consciousness?
I fucking love Quick-Eze. TAKE THAT, inexplicable spontaneous anxiety pain/indigestion!

Amusing Anecdote Time
SPEAKING OF CLOTHES. I have a lot of them. I'm not a shopaholic or anything, I just like pretty things and never have the heart to throw anything away. My wardrobe (which is, to be fair, very small) is overflowing onto the floor, and I have two full suitcases of stuff in the sunroom waiting to go back to Sydney. Even M thinks I have a lot of stuff, and she is a shopping fiend. You can't see her floor for all the clothes she has strewn everywhere. I plan on having a big ruthless clean out before Uni, but I doubt it'll make a dent.

That, however, is not the point. The point is: STORY TIME.

So M is going through my cupboard to help me pick a dress for the races.

"I love all your clothes, Stell, they're so pretty. Oh, is this one of those dresses that looks like a shirt?"

"Probably just a shirt. I used to wear button ups to schoo-"

M has pulled the long-sleeved white shirt from the cupboard and is holding it up. "Okay, definitely not a dress." She is laughing.

"Oh my god, I have never seen that before in my life."

"And it's a man's shirt." A size 37, to be precise. "Was it Ben's, maybe?" My brother had had the room before me. M and I are both giggling in surprise.

"If it is I have no idea how it managed to hide in my cupboard for five years without me ever seeing it. Where did that come from?! I wore button ups to school in year 11 and 12, but they were all three quarter sleeved and for women. I have no memory of ever buying that!

"... The only thing I can think of is that, I have a bit of a thing for men in white buttoned up shirts. Maybe I bought it thinking that, if ever I do get a boyfriend, he'll need one of those in order to keep me."

M is cacking herself. "It's a very specific size, Stell!"

"I know, right?! Maybe I have like a weird subconscious thing for very tiny, skinny men? Which totally goes against everything my taste has ever told me. Where did that come from?!"

The Siblings
Yesterday I made two cakes and a cobloaf, and spent three hours making Lucy the bestest birthday card ever. Ben came over while I was making it, and made me sign it from him too, as a part of his plan for Lucy not to notice he hadn't gotten her a gift ("N's the one who remembers that sort of thing!" N, who has been in Dubbo hospital for the past two weeks with their newborn twins and a flu) until after he had left. He took great joy in playing with my gold texta, and nagged subtly until Mum made him a sandwich. Then he squashed my head and I scratched him.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my twenty seven year old big brother and role model.

Lucy's barbeque was probably the most subdued 18th party ever. She and all her friends were knackered after the races, and everyone was gone by 9:30. This is not a bad thing; we had a great time and the barbie was a resounding success (ain't no sausage like a barbequed sausage), but it was funny watching Lucy have to be awake and entertaining people when her usual routine after being out all night is to sleep on the couch and growl at anyone who watches telly too loud.

Effing arseing bastard Back of doom update
The old lumbar vertabrae are feeling much better now. Much thanks and love for the kindness when it was bad, guys. It really does mean a lot. ♥

Kicked out update
Oh, by the way, I have a new flat!

... Weeeell, I say new, but...

Here's the thing: Turned out I didn't get the huge one in Glebe, and when we thought about it, the one I did get was sort of unsuitable - no carspace, no balcony, no internal laundry (I enjoy doing laundry. Laundrettes are not my thing), the kitchen was just one wall of the lounge room, the rent was a bit steep, etc. Separately, I could deal with a lot of those things, but together, it's a bit much. So, after finding little that was suitable in Glebe, we rang my old agent, and she offered me a place in my old building.

I did want a change, but it turns out all I will have to adapt to will be being two floors down and having a different coloured carpet.

It will be freshly carpeted and painted, but has no curtains or wardrobe, and there's a shower curtain instead of a screen (NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!). It does come with a washer and dryer though, so I won't have to rent them, and, presumably, this time the dryer won't be in the bedroom.

HOWEVER. One thing that is giving me pause: apparently, the carpet is brown. Now, it may turn out to be perfectly lovely, but, for now, I am disturbed. What on earth am I going to do with a brown carpet?! Nothing looks good with brown. My furniture looked so good with my old blue carpet. I don't know how I shall cope with the challenge of trying to put together a nice loungeroom with a brown carpet, of all things.

Excuse me while I let out a world-weary sigh.

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They're at least a month and a half premature, and had to be delivered by C-section in the wrong hospital this morning because N's bloodpressure was getting dangerously high, and I still don't know their names or how big they are or if they're okay or what, but they're here! Everyone is alive! I have nephews!

We're going to Dubbo in a little while to visit them and keep my brother company for a while (N and the babies will be in hospital for a while yet, I think), so I won't be around till tomorrow sometime.

Yay! Nephews!
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Ohmygod. Can't stop laughing.

Mum and Dad were in the loungeroom watching TV, and they left the glass door open rather than get up all the time to let the cats in and out. I'm sitting in the office at the computer, when I hear and partially see, "she's got a mouse there!" followed by them getting up to shoo Mishka outside.

I chipped in an "EWW!" 

Then Mum says, "Just watch that mouse, it might not be dead." There's more shuffling  about - I was told that Mum had a tissue and was going to pick the thing up once she was convinced of its passing from this mortal coil - then, "John, watch the mouse it might not be - UGGGGH, IT ISN'T DEAD!" 

Mum makes a couragous attempt at wrangling it, but then I hear a shrieking "IIIIEEEEEEEEHHH" as it moves towards her; a signal for Dad to take over.

I hear him moving quickly, then partially see him leaning over. Mum, her voice now coming from a completely different part of the room than before and making clear where her priorities stand, calls out, "Not with my slipper, John!"

Dad's still trying to catch or kill or shoo out the mouse in some way, and I see him bend down closer to where it must be. I then hear him say (very unmanishly), "WAAAAH! EEEERRWW!" as he jumps back and flails a bit.

I learn after the incident that the mouse didn't have much energy, the poor little thing, and that Dad had it trapped up against the TV cabinet. As it runs about, Dad follows it, having discarded the slipper due to Mum's disgusted insistance, continuing to make disgusted shivers and very unpleased noises. I continue to add ew ew ew!s from the office, while laughing at Dad's shrieks and Mum's slipper, and Mum and Dad desparately argue over what to do before it gets away, or, worse, touches their feet.

"I don't want to touch it, it's icky!" Dad whines, with all he valour of an Arthurian knight.

Then, the mouse makes a break for it. Dad darts after it as it heads towards the couch. It's going to go under it! We'd never get it if it got under the couch. So Dad dives, and, in a last, desparate attempt to stop it, brings his hand down on top of it.

Mum calls out to tell me he's killed it with his hand, and I add more hysterical (with laughter) ew ew ews. Dad, massively creeped out, throws the poor (possibly not even dead yet) mouse outside and goes to wash his hands.

He is now comforting himself in the pay TV room. Mum and her slippers were saved a very disgusting moment, and I will be carefully avoiding that spot in front of the couch for some time. The cats are, needless to say, in disgrace. Mum spoke very sternly to one of them a moment ago when it meowed asking her to let it in.

It was all so beautiful.

Really, considering the fact that I stumbled upon a baby brown snake down the hallway at 1am the other week they should have known better. I had to wake Dad up and he had to kill the thing in his undies while half asleep. Oddly, he was much happier almost nakedly facing a lethal snake that moved quickly and refused to die than he was a small injured mouse while fully clothed.

(Also, Hiii! I'm back from New Caledonia. Will talk about that later. This just seemed far, far more important.  XD *dies*)

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Tomorrow, Mum, Lucy, Grandma and I leave for Sydney, and then the next day we fly to New Caledonia. YAY!

We are all very excited. Grandma was packed and ready two days ago. (This bit of news did not surprise me in the least.)

Lucy and I decided months ago that we were going on holiday. We planned to organise it ourselves but then realised we'd need Mum for logistic reasons. Also, we love Mum. When we decided on New Caledonia we had to invite G'ma because that's where her grandfather was born and we knew she'd love to go. Also, we love Grandma. So this holiday is a lot different from the roadtrip to the coast somewhere that Lucy and I first thought of, but we're not complaining. We'd only have fought over the music in the car the whole trip, and I think she had some notion that we would sleep in swags by the side of the road each night, which would not have ended well.

Although, Lucy might be complaining tomorrow, seeing as though she went out tonight and will probably not enjoy six hours in a car with a headache, but well, this is the price she has to pay for having a social life. Silly girl. Mum and I had a very pleasant evening in watching telly, I'll have you know. No sir, we didn't need any loud noise and vodka. In my day you had to walk fifteen miles in the snow just to get to the vodka. And it was frozen when we got there! We had real alcopops in those days. And our music was twice as loud! WE ALL WENT DEAF BACK THEN; PROPER PARTYING, WE DID.

Damn kids.

BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT. The point is, New Caledonia, for a week. Pretty pacific island! (One of the several) land(s) of my (many various) ancestors! Where people speak French (we are all rubbish at French and are hopeless with the phrasebook we bought)! Where there are the proper pretty type of beaches and quiet spots to read, and possibly even pools with no frogs in them! WAH-HEY!!

Lucy and I were on a diet to prepare (not that she ever gains weight. Damn her!) - you know, the diet where you don't actually eat any less, but preface every bit of junkfood with "I'm supposed to be on a diet you know." It didn't really achieve much (people kept giving us chocolates for Christmas), so we have decided we will do some exercising on the holiday itself and lose weight that way.

We leave our house at 10am, and it is now 1:03am. I maaaay not quite be finished packing at this point. And my bed miiiight be covered in clothes. And possibly has no sheets on it. I have showered already though, so I consider myself ahead.

At this point I have run out of this to say. I hope there are no frogs there. And I hope that when I look out at the sea there, I get that effect where you can actually feel how big the ocean is, feel that it's not just something that hangs about the edges of land, but that it really does go on forever and the land is just sitting in a tiny part of it. And I hope we find Grandma's family. Or at the very least that she enjoys hearing his accent again, feels at home there.  

So g'bye all, see you in a bit over a week. Oh, and happy New Year! 

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*coughs* Um. Hello? Internet? Coo-ee! It's only me.

This, my dears, has been a very busy month. Have not seen f-list properly for some time, so HI! everyone, hope you are well.

So, for the record, stuff that has been happening here:

Various, work, Kicked Out Update, etc )

I got a hair cut!

It's all light and cute and when I curl it it looks so classy and old-fashioned. I FEEL SO PRETTY.
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1) I just had to withstand an argument with my sister because I won't lend her my license to take to the Warren races. She's under eighteen, it's my license, and it's illegal. I really don't think I'm being unreasonable here. I don't care if she borrows her friends' old licenses (which she's going to do anyway, so what does it matter anyway), but she should know better than to ask me. Right?

2) THE FROGS ARE OUT. And thus ends me leaving the house at night or going anywhere near the pond or dam with no shoes on. IhatethemIhatethemIhatethem ew ew ew.

Phobias are hard.

3) Studying for this cognitive psychology exam is possibly the dullest thing ever.

4) MY SISTER (on developing curves): Now that I've kinda gotten into a womanly growth thing...

5) According to my Nan, my sister, cousin, and I have all put on weight. She says this a lot, so I am used to it. Although, this time my Aunt added to me, "And you still have no boobs on ya!", which I disagree with - I just have no boobs compared to her.
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1) I don't think I've mentioned this on LJ yet (which is weird, because I haven't shutup about in in RL since I found out on Tuesday), but,

MY BROTHER IS HAVING TWIN BOYS!!  I'm going to have nephews!

These kids are going to be so ridiculously doted on - they're the first greatgrandkids in my Mum's family, and everyone's so excited that they can't stop buying things fo them. Also, not only do I get adorable little nephews (a lot of us had kinda wanted girls, but I had a baby dream a few nights before we found out their sex, about two boy toddlers having a water fight. Was possibly the single cutest thing my brain has ever produced. I am very okay with the idea of boys now), but I get to do observational twin studies!  (Yes, I am a bit of a geek, but whatevs. I like Developmental psych, alright?)

Eee, I can't wait!

2) A friend of mine whom I've known since preschool, and was the only other person in my year twelve class, rang me tonight. His girlfriend is pregnant. This was a shock. He's only a month and a half younger than me, and was such a pain in the arse in school. I can't even imagine him as a dad. Jeez. I mean, I can, but not so soon. I'm happy for him, he seems pleased enough, and, given what his own mother was like, he deserves a happy family now. But still, this is going to be very strange. He's nineteen.

3) My cousin's wife (on my Dad's side) is also pregnant again. This will be their third kid. That cousin's brother's girlfriend is also pregnant at the moment with their second daughter.

4) Last week and this coming week, we've been doing development in one of my psych courses (which means much talk of and videos about babies and toddlers). The lecturer, Marc de Rosnay, was also our first year emotion lecturer, and it was those lectures that first made me decide that I want kids. LIke, really really want them. In about a decade or so. And as much as I love his lectures now, adore babies to no end, and am thrilled at being an aunt, I'm still not in any hurry. But have decided would love to take Development next year if I can fit it in.

When it rains, it pours.

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So my Mum, sister, and I went to Dubbo the other day   (Finally! I haven't been on a Dubbo trip in over a year and a half. We always have such a great time on our girl's trips to Dubbo. I was having such cravings. We went out to tea at Hogsbreath, stayed over night at the Fountain View (the first motel I can remember ever), and I got new dresses, and jeans (skinny legs that fit and don't look ridiculous. I know, I didn't think they existed either), and music, and the old beautiful Beatrix Potter cartoons on DVD, and we had Myer vouchers so Mum brought new towels (oh God, those towels) and I got some luxurious nice smelling body butter and bath wash things that I normally would never buy because I am responsible but always want because they're so lovely. And we had fun together and didn't fight over the front seat. It was a good trip.), and saw Mama Mia! at the movies.

Points On Mama Mia!:

1 -
Meryl Streep is amazing. This is not new news, but I felt it was worth saying. She has such dignity, any character played by her has such weight to them. It's quite remarkable.

2 - I think the cast did a better job on the songs than Agnetha and Frida did. 

Oh yeah, I went there. 
Bring it.

3 - Colin Firth.

I want to marry him.

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"The catering corps, or the cooks, is another one I would disuade you from as they work like an absolute bastard and get paid fuck all and have bugger all time off."

- From an email from my cousin, who is in the Corps of Signals, advising my sister about job possibilites in the army.
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1. I can't stop eating these Mars filled Pods things. I buy them thinking I'll ration them as treats, but then I just munch on them constantly. I have no self control. Damn seductive caramel.

2. I have to get seriously working on my Games and Simulation assessment. I am making a text adventure game. It is set in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. There are Oopa Loompas. It is a group project and we've got it quite nicely planned out. All I have to do is start coding my part. IT WILL BE EASY AND FUN BUT I AM STILL PUTTING IT OFF. WHY DO I DO THIS???

Dear Brain,
                    Can we please stop with the anxiety? It will be very difficult for me to pass my courses if a great whopping wall of terror is erected every time I contemplate doing an assessment. I actually really enjoyed the last essay I wrote, you know. And do you remember all that pride when I handed it in on time? Wasn't that nice? Don't you want that again? Come on, kiddo, let's get adjusting. That's how you're supposed to work.

3. My flat needs vacuuming, I could make up a load of washing, and there are clothes flung everywhere. Clean up day soon, YAY! 
I loves domestic chores. They makes me feel real. And it's nice to see the floor. I have such a nice floor.

4. So, last night (as well as having a lovely night out with a friend at Circular Quay for a birthday dinner) I actually met someone from fandom in real life! Am not the only insane HP slash fangirl in Australia! Look, look, I have proof! Muhaha!! And I have made a new LJ friend! Hiiiii!! *waves enthusicastically* Will do proper greetings and exchanging of recs etc when I have taken care of point 2.  Must... do... uniwork. It-will-be-fun, dammit!

5. Have to cook tonight. I refuse to have toast or cereal for tea and I've run out of left overs. Which means I have to wash pots. Curses.

6. My god this album. It's amazing. It flows and crashes and screams and whimpers and settles and brakes and falls and lifts and it's impossible not to go with it. He has the most honest voice - more like speaking than singing, and all the while trying not to fall to pieces, filled with cracks and strange little screams - and the most sweet, exposed, and devastatingly lovely lyrics. ('The world's got me dizzy again/ you'd think after twenty-two years I'd be used to the spin,'  'It's not something I would recommend, but it is one way to live,'  'This is the first day of my life,/ Glad I didn't die before I met you.' ) 

The songs - lyrics and music - are so beautifully complex, even the deceptively quiet ones. There is a real simplicity to what he sings about, he doesn't romanticise, but sings about things at a very basic level, creating such honesty. It's like, he's describing things as they are, as they actually feel, but somehow it sounds so breathtaking. And the music cascades in from nothing, crashes down and sweeps through or is so silent you forget it's there, you can only focus on his voice. That sort of honesty and reality is so rare and precious.  It's impossible not to be affected. 

The closest thing I can think to compare it to is The Cure - Robert Smith has that same stuttering honesty in his voice, and that same childishness and wonder in his lyrics, and that same cascading lushesness in some of his music. In fact, the stereo is set so that Disintegration is the next album to play after Bright Eyes finishes. 'Plain Song' is a perfect way to follow up I'm Wide Awake..., it too, never fails to be stunning.

7. I'm always pinning after my pets, wishing I could take them with me to Sydney. I am acquainted with all the neighbourhood cats, and am sure to say hello when I pass them. So my mummy made me a cat so I wouldn't be lonely.

I love my Mum.

I had a moment the other morning, lying in bed, just about to wake up. I thought to myself, it's feels like I've barely seen anyone (my family) the past few days. Will have to spend some time wth them today. But then I opened my eyes and remembered. I actually hadn't seen them for the past few days at all, because Easter was over and I was back at uni again. I felt so dissapointed. I really wanted to see them. But then I woke up, and got on with things, and laughed at how easilly I'd gotten mixed up. 

I'm fine, really I am. But it's hard sometimes, getting used to not having them around. That morning, filled with sleep, I really missed them. Sometimes I just really want for them. 

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Me, coming in from the bathroom:    "Aww, the house smells like mangoes! "   (after we had had mangoes earlier)

Mum:   "That's funny, because Lucy was just saying it smells like witchetty grubs."

Also, may it be entered onto the record that GODDAMN IT, CAT, I JUST LET YOU IN!!!

The other night we had a scheduled blackout at 10:30, Mum & I planned a night of games by candle light. At about 10:15 we were getting ready, with me occasionally chiming in with, "quick, woman! Only seven more minutes of light!". When we were ready, Mum raised her arms triumpantly, "We, are, PREPARED!" she declared.Right then, the lights went out.
She then proceded to beat me 2/3 in Cluedo. But I totally topped her in terms of dramatics. (Mum: "I accuse you, Mrs Peacock, of taking the lead pipe from wherever it was kept, and useing it to DROWN all the plants in the conservatory!"   Me: "I snapped!! It was those damn gazanias, they - just- wouldn't- flower!!" followed by wretched sobbing.)

Am going Christmas shopping tomorrow. Have no idea what to get anyone. Damn them all, they just do it to spite me. 
Am going to buy self a flashy christmas badge. I loves Christmas.


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