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First of all, context: I can't stop watching Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick. Very funny, very well observed, occasionally fantastically brutal reviews of old(ish - from the eighties and nineties, mostly) kids tv shows and movies. Most of the texts they look at are legitimately terrible - though often in profoundly creative ways - but some are still quite lovable; especially if, like me, you were just slightly too young to tell the difference between shite and awesome when they first came out.

I'm particularly fond of the Chick's look at Bowie's amazing package Labyrinth, the joint review of Fern Gully (I still love the movie, though, nonsensical environmentalist propaganda that it may be), and That Guy's inquisition into Titanic - an animated musical (which should be watched even if you, like pretty much everyone in the world, have never heard of the movie. Which is... terrible. Beyond all reason. So bad it's somehow sort of beautiful). In fact, anything that has That Guy gaping in disbelief or exploding into a frothing rage (ie., most things he reviews) is pretty ace.

80s/90s kid's entertainment with yelling, sarcasm, criticism, liberal use of intertextuality, and cameos from guns and puppies. Essentially, I'm in love.

There are two things that have appeared in my watchings that I particularly want to share. One of which induced epic squee and will probably only be understood by me, and the other... is... well.

1)Concerning Star Trek: Next Gen, and Gargoyles (the best show ever) )

1.5 - AKA, the seque) The dude who played Geordi La Forge on Next Gen did the voice over for the intro to Captain Planet.

2) Captain Planet did an AIDS episode. (8:45 mins in)

Yes, that's right: AIDS.  )

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What the fuck.

What the fecking fecking feck.

I bought a little block of Cadbury Snack earlier, and have just eaten some, only to discover something awful.

There are no pineapple pieces.

What. The. Feck.

I only buy Snack for the pineapple. The pineapple is the best flavour. I love the pineapple. Where is the freaking pineapple?

It's on the label, still. Right in the middle, even. It's the one the glasses are pouring milk into, for pity's sake.

"With six delicious flavours" the label says. Maybe they cut out a flavour to make the rows symetrical, so they could be three on three, like, and there's still pineapple in the big blocks. But why sacrifice the pineapple? Why not the orange or the coconut or something? Or even the fecking caramel? People can at least buy a block of caramel to make up for it - we pineapple lovers (ie, everyone) have no alternatives.

I am quite distressed. I was looking forward to my pineapple. Cadbury have crossed a line. Anyone want to form a resistance movement?

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So tonight's the concert for damn stupid SUESS (Sydney Uni Ecclectic Singing Society, which my friend started, and roped me into joining, despite the fact that I really am not a choir person, and tend to get ragey).

I know this is horendously late notice, but you are, of course, all invited. Given how terrible a mood SUESS tends to put me in, it'd be nice to see some people that I don't associate with wanting to hit things, so not only are you invited, you'd be very very welcome. Moral support is nice. It's in the big room at Old Darlington School, at 7:30.

Putting aside my weird rage issues for the moment, I'm a bit hesitant about this thing. My back can't really take standing still and trying to reach high notes at the same time, so that makes things hard and painful, and means that my friend the conductor gives me "smile, damn you! and hold your folder properly!" looks, while all I can manage is small grimaces of pain with one hand holding my lower back in a vain attempt at providing some support. And the having to wear certain clothes just puts me in mind of school band, which leads to some very unpleasant memories (our school band teacher was a dreadful bitch, and sucked the joy out of everything she touched. Also, she was bad at the whole, actually teaching kids to play and read music thing). And, because I missed three weeks due to sickness and essays, and because I have no access to sheetmusic, I'm not doing a solo, which leads to inferiority issues, and, ugh. I really don't want to go.

Waaaaaaaaah, I'm calling my Mum to whinge.

ETA: Okay, bitching on the phone to your Mum and sister does wonders for being pissed off. I'm in a good mood now, so yay!

And I look fecking hot in black, yo. And slacks? Actually make my bum look good. hells yeah.


May. 6th, 2009 05:16 pm
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Oh my god, you guys. I am so sick of talking to Telstra. I just hate them so much, you guys, seriously. So much.

All I want is my internet connection back on. I just had to talk to six different people, all of them bastards, and I was rude to the recording guy, and I like the recording guy, and I still have to wait til Monday.

I hate Telstra so, so much.

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And I've done it again. Written twice as much as the word limit asks for. This is not good.

I blame Wes Anderson. It's impossible to talk about a Wes Anderson thing in only 1000 words. Didn't help that it was about Wes Anderson, with additional Seu Jorge, David Bowie, and Sigur Ros. You can't talk about Sigur Ros without explaining Sigur Ros.

Also, I didn't once mention Bill Murray, despite the fact that he makes the film, and is utterly incredible in it. I talked about Steve Zissou's face, but didn't mention that it was actually Bill Muray's face. But it's not supposed to be a review, so hopefully that doesn't matter. Had I more time and not those guidelines, I'd like to write about Bill Murray. He's amazing.

I have no idea how one cites music, and all the online guides are kinda useless. And why do they all assume people want to write about only classical music?

First essay of the year down. I'm rusty. Quite certain it amde very little coherent sense, and have completely forgotten how to cite without a guide to refer to.

Making up titles is especially hard when about to fall asleep on the keyboard. Giving the class till midnight to submit online has both its up and down sides.

I could have done a lot better had I started sooner, I think. Written a couple of drafts, one with both songs, one with just Life on Mars, and one with just Staralfur. That would have been better. But god I've had enough for now, and it's done and submitted, so. Wouldn't have been such a problem if I was actually capable of keeping to a word limit. Would have been done hours ago.

Everyone, watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou sometime. With the volume up high for maximum effect. It's a wonderful movie with great music.

I'm going to bed.

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There is a smokey haze here. Last time that happened was during the Canberra bushfires a few years ago, and I remember being amazed then at how big the fires must have been for the smoke to travel 350kms. We're around seven hundred Ks from where the fires are now, and the smoke is so thick you can't even see the back paddock properly and the sky is completely white. I can't even imagine how bad it must be this time.

It's strange, hearing about a disaster happening far off and then waking to see the evidence all around you. Normally, this area seems completely immune to the rest of the world.

Mum and I went flat hunting over the weekend. Mostly in Glebe as there was nothing really suitable in Newtown, unfortunately.

We had a really nice time together, we always do on our Sydney trips. Saw a movie, went out to tea both nights, made elaborate plans trying to figure out how we could be at three flat inspections at once. Rushed about and flagged taxis and bitched about one of the agents. Wandered about Glebe on Friday night trying to find all the flats we were planning to see properly the next day, ended up at Blackwattle Bay looking over the water at eleven o'clock at night - people were out walking their dogs and babies even then. I was thwarted twice in my pursuit for a nice cold apple juice after flat hunting, and Mum was driven to sarcasm while trying to deal with the annoying agent. We hobbled around together with sore feet the next day when a mix up over movies (we sat in the cinema for half an hour, thinking our movie was late because of a blackout that had interrupted the ending of the film before it, before we realised we had been sold the wrong tickets and our movie had started twenty minutes ago) meant we had to wander around King Street. It was a nice trip.

On the flat search, I've been offered one fairly nice but very small place already, which is the backup in case we miss out on the absolutely amazing two story, two or three bedroom, old fashioned, well-lit, near the Point, catacomb-y and enormous flat above a shop that I really really want. The waiting to hear is going to kill me.

Speaking of killing me, worst air-sickness ever on Friday. Oh god, never going near a plane without medication during a heatwave again. Why oh why can't I be one of those lucky bastards who gets to spew when they feel crook? The world is a much better place after a good vomit.

For the way back we bought some medicated travel sickness stuff, which I've not had for a very long time, preferring instead to take ginger pills (despite the taste of ginger making me want to spew just as much and the sickness) so I could stay awake.

Dude. I had forgotten what it was like to be that stoned.

I have like a dozen things I want finish writing and post.

Was meant to ring Uni today. Bugger. Must do that tomorrow.

Which reminds me - rant time:

I effing hate the arts desk sometimes )

This post has a bit of a whiny, possibly self-centred tone because my back really hurts today.  :( 

And one of my wisdom teeth is really hurting.

And my knee hurts where it got all cut up after my motorbike gave up on me half way up the dam bank, rolled all the way back down, and then fell over on me.

Sympathy is encouraged and will be hoarded away gratefully so that I can look at it lovingly as I wallow in self pity.

Dexter's back on tonight! And GNW! And Media watch! And there's a Stephen Fry thing about his bipolar disorder! And the second series of Underbelly, which I never really cared about before but this one is set in the seventies and involves Matthew Newton! Matthew Newton! And it's South Park night!

And they're all on at the exact same time!

Welcome back, ratings season?

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