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... What?

I understand that they want to hook the men, seeing as though having a sugar free product makes for a popular girl's drink that manly men are too mannish for, but couldn't they do it without completely alienating women altogether? I mean, for feck's sake. I can't even begin to -- I just, I have no words. That thing is putrid.

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I don't like to talk about politics much, but I will say that I hate Tony Abbott. 

How in heaven's name that blithering, narrow minded, self-righteous, self-absorbed, out-dated, vaguely delusional, rude, snippy, slimy, smug, little twit continues to get elected is beyond me. The opposition in his electorate must be dismal.

At least he's no longer Health Minister. The amount of things wrong with having someone concerned more with imposing his own personal and "moral" views and being a good Christian than he is with making informed decisions on the basis of science and the good physical and mental health of the population in an important, science-based position is obscene. 

The stem-cell debate was no place for religion. Also, it's called feminism, Tony. And it exists to keep people like you away from concepts like abortion. Now he's got Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. Thank goodness he's only Shadow Minister. Imagine the damage he could do other wise.

Honestly though, he wouldn't infuriate me half so much if he didn't coat everything he does or says with a stupid smug grin and a pompous attitude, and didn't try to disguise the fact that ultimately he just thinks he knows best with a masquerade that he's accurately speaking for some silent majority. 

Julia Gillad summed his work as a minister up best in 2006, I think:  "For God's sake Tony, it's not about you!"

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I... Who cares how the PM's wife dresses, for god's sake! 

I can not even believe how incredibly insulting this is -

 "sometimes she looks like she's not wearing any makeup at all!" little-blonde-fashion-writer says, deeply upset by the whole thing.


She is a highly successful business woman, a self made millionaire, and a mother for god's sake, it's not her job to make her husband look good. Her life does not revolve around his, that deserves bloody respect. It makes me immeasurably proud to know that the woman married to the PM is not a prissy little trophy with her own design team who is pulled out whenever the PR commity thinks she might come in handy.

Jesus frigging christ I cannot even believe how shallow, absurd and incompehensively stupid some people are. May any nitwit who disses a woman of intelligence and personality based soley on her clothing die in a fecking fire. Especially and particulary those who work in the media. A fire is too good for them.

I'm not even going to start pointing out all the things that are wrong with that crap in terms of rights and representations of women because I could go on forever, but I will say that this is WRONG, BACKWARDS, AND COMPLETELY INTOLERABLE and the twits doing the dissing should be VERY ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. 

My only comfort lies in the fact that this whole thing is definatley worthy of a Ernie award.

(Ernie award = awards for sexism)


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