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You know what's wonderful?

When you find yourself inexplicably awake at some stupid hour, too tired to get up and go to bed and knowing you'll suffer for it tomorrow, TV on ABC3 in the background because they play music after the programing has ended for the day and you like the noise, even if you're not really listening to it - when suddenly you hear a familiar guitar riff, one that strikes deep down in your bones. And you realise that it's one of your favourite songs, by one of your favourite artists; one that so few people have even heard of, and a song that you're not even sure was ever released as a single.

And it's like the universe is sending you a little note. Here's a lullaby, kid, just for you. Isn't Tex the best? Now go to bed while you're happy and warm and full of love; everything is beautiful. You'll feel better in the morning.


(Not the best video, but here's the song)


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