May. 22nd, 2012

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I'm going to be worse possible type of tourist and do nothing proper cultural the whole one night I'm here. Am currently sitting in a pub bludging free wifi (which STILL won't let me dl the spn final, btw, I am doomed to never see this episode) waiting for a movie to start in the cinema across the road, and tomorrow I'm going shopping.

I've decided that stuff it, after nearly three weeks of seeing amazing old culture and history and art, I'm gonna spend my last day doing new London: shops and watching the bbc and wandering around! 

I've had the most amazing trip (Rome, Florence, Italian Riviera, French Riviera, Nice, Monaco, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, oh my!), and even though I wish I could have a proper visit in London I am out of money and am SO excited to be going home tomorrow. 

Imma print all my photos and give my family all their gifts and go back into my life happier and more lived than before. 

Still wish I could watch the latest spn though.
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Because there are ppl here who may appreciate this:

I saw Paul Wesley at the Lourve ~~~

I was more amused than excited but texted my cousin (and tvd watchin buddy) when it happened and she rang me all the way from Aus on a prepaid mobile to squeal at me. It was a happy time. :D (I MISS MY FAMILY)

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